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Species Toad

Kinopio-kun (Japanese: キノピオくん) is a Toad with a green-colored mushroom cap similar to that of a 1-Up Mushroom, and a green vest. He is the mascot of Nintendo's LINE social media account. The application is designed for users to text one another, but Nintendo has designed Kinopio-kun as a bot that will automatically respond to users, with prewritten messages. For example, if users text him the name of certain Nintendo characters, Kinopio-kun responds with his opinions on said character.[1] His speech can be characterized by frequent, sometimes ungrammatical use of です (desu) as a polite marker. He makes it clear that he is not Toad himself, but rather a friend of his. His name derives from the Japanese name for Toad ("Kinopio") and the "-kun" part being a suffix used in Japan, usually to denote a man younger or the same age as the speaker. According to the calendar wallpaper images as well as material related to Nintendo LINE, he is friends with a Boo and a few little birds.

On May 21, 2021, it was announced that Nintendo is phasing Kinopio-kun out of the LINE account.[2]


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