Shangri-Spa Toad

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Shangri-Spa Toad
PMTOK Shangri Spa Staff Artwork.png
Species Toads
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)

The Shangri-Spa Toads are minor characters in Paper Mario: The Origami King. They are a type of Toad that can be found in Shangri-Spa, a location in the green streamer area. They are completely white, and wear togas and wings on their backs.

After Bowser's Castle destroys the spa's banquet hall, the Shangri-Spa Toads put Bowser's minions to work cleaning the spa to pay off the damage.


  • Collectible Treasure description: Don't be fooled. These Toads live in Shangri-Spa, but they're no angels.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese てんくうキノピオ
Tenkū Kinopio
温泉スタッフキノピオ[1] (Pamphlet printable from the Japanese website)
Onsen Sutaffu Kinopio
Sky Toad

Hot Spring Staff Toad

Dutch Sparadijs-Toads Sparadise (combination of 'Spa' and 'Paradise') Toads
Italian Toad delle terme Toad of the spa
Chinese (Simplified) 天空奇诺比奥
Tiānkōng Qínuòbǐ'ào
Sky Toad


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