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Not to be confused with Super Mario.
“Ancient vessel of the legendary Khap'taan Teeowed!”
Musée Champignon description, Paper Mario: The Origami King
Musée Champignon in Paper Mario: The Origami King
The Super Marino in Musée Champignon

The Super Marino, also known as the Submarine "Marino", is a submarine owned by Captain T. Ode that appears in Paper Mario: The Origami King.



As told by a Toad in Shangri-Spa, the Super Marino was originally known as the Spa Marino, and was used to take guests to Diamond Island. However, it was stolen by Captain T. Ode, and offered the submarine to King Shroomses in exchange for the king's crown. King Shroomses refused, and arranged to have Captain T. Ode captured and frozen in a block of ice underneath Scorching Sandpaper Desert.

Paper Mario: The Origami King[edit]

The Super Marino underwater
The Super Marino underwater

The Super Marino is put on display in the lobby of Musée Champignon, where it remains until Captain T. Ode is found. Captain T. Ode requests the Super Marino to be returned to him, to which the museum's owner allows. With the Super Marino gone, a 1/24 scale model is put in its place.

The Super Marino is attached to the back of the Sea Captain Toad's boat, allowing Mario to use it to dive underwater at certain spots in the Great Sea when Down Button is pressed. While underwater, the Super Marino can be controlled with either motion controls or with the controller's buttons. The arms on the submarine are used to grab treasure chests and other useful items or break rocks on the seafloor. The Super Marino is also used to access Diamond Island, as its arms are used to insert the Diamond Key and open the entrance.



  • Collectible Treasure No. 74: "A sub piloted by Captain T. Ode. Who made it? How did he get it? These mysteries run as deep as the sub itself..."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーマリン号
Sūpā Marin-gō
Super Marine (「号」() is a suffix used for ships)
Chinese (Simplified) 潜艇号
Qiántǐng Hào
Submarine ("号" (hào) is a suffix used for ships)
Chinese (Traditional) 潛艇號
Qiántǐng Hào
Submarine (「號」 (hào) is a suffix used for ships)
Dutch Super Marino -
French Super Marino -
German Super Marino -
Italian Super Marino -
Spanish Super Marino -


  • The various gauges and dials inside the Super Marino shift around based on the orientation of the player's controller when motion controls are enabled.