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The Origami King enemy
Hole Punch
Hole Punch from Paper Mario: The Origami King
Description A reclusive member of the Legion of Stationery who only does two things- party down and punch faces.
HP 150
Type Normal
Item drops None
Moves Hole Punch, Gettin' Down (8), Main Squeeze (18), Base Slap (18), Throwing Punches (4 × # of Cutouts), The Whole Punch (24 + 2 Hole Punches + Throwing Punches)
Location(s) Temple of Shrooms
Lady, I couldn't stop groovin' now if I wanted to. So I guess we're gonna have to... FACE. OFF.”
Hole Punch, Paper Mario: The Origami King
Hole Punch's Collectible Treasure in the Musée Champignon.

Hole Punch, The Disco Devil is a member of the Legion of Stationery who guards the end of the yellow streamer and serves as the boss of the Temple of Shrooms in Paper Mario: The Origami King. He is an oversized, yellow hole puncher featuring King Olly's logo on his black lid.

When Mario reaches the top of the temple, he finds himself in a disco room with a large disco ball, a Toad as the disk jockey, and an origami Goomba, Shy Guy, and Boo out on the dance floor. Suddenly, someone behind a large set of doors calls out and stops the music, demanding a better piece to groove to, threatening to punch out his face, as he did with all the other Toads in the temple. The disk jockey begs for a second chance and asks Mario to help him find a better record.

Mario must bring the disk jockey records for him to play for Hole Punch. If he does not like the piece, he insults it and wants a different piece. After playing "Thrills at Night", the Hole Punch becomes satisfied and requests an audience to join on the dance floor. The disk jockey gives Professor Toad a boom box, allowing him to explore the temple and pick up the Toads within.

Once all of the Toads are found and returned to the disco room, they hit the dance floor, eventually getting the attention of Hole Punch, who bursts out of his room and slams the dance floor, frightening the Toads away. He challenges Mario to a literal face-off on the dance floor. Upon defeat, he counts down from three and explodes, launching the faces he collected from the Toads. With everyone back to normal, Mario can use the Magic Circle that appears to destroy the yellow streamer. Doing so drops the disco ball, breaking it open to release the sun, revealing it as its source of light. This returns the desert to its regular state.


“I am PUMPED. I'm gonna own this dance floor till the break of dawn. And, seeing as there's no sun to rise in here, that means this groove is never gonna end! HEY! C'mon!”
Hole Punch, Paper Mario: The Origami King

Before each normal ring movement, Hole Punch uses the move Hole Punch, raising the ring closest to him to repeatedly punch out holes in four different spaces, removing any icons on them, then spinning to slightly scramble the spaces. This process, at the beginning of the battle, damages and deactivates, but not removes, the ON button. Falling into any other holes causes Mario to trip, wasting his turn, after which Hole Punch uses Main Squeeze, dealing 16 or 17 points of damage.

Hitting the front or side of Hole Punch does not deal any damage, so Mario must instead navigate behind his lid and use a Hammer attack to deal damage, in the process also releasing 2 or 3 of his punches, which restore random holes.

When Hole Punch attacks, if Mario is close enough and Hole Punch either does not have any punches from Mario or was damaged that turn, he will use Hole Punch to punch out a part of Mario, reducing his maximum HP and attack power, then use Base Slap, dealing 12-13 damage. Any of Mario's body can be recovered when Hole Punch drops punches, at which point one of Mario's body punches will appear as a space, which when picked up, restores as much maximum HP and attack power as the previous Hole Punch removed. If Mario is out of range and Hole Punch does not have any punches from Mario, he will use Gettin' Down, dealing 7 damage. If Hole Punch does have punches from Mario, he will instead use Throwing Punches, ejecting all of his punches from board spaces at Mario for 2 damage each, and then charging up any punches from Mario's body for 5 damage each. The punches are the placed on the board using the same formula, the process also restoring the ON button if it is still deactivated.

After taking enough of damage, Hole Punch will start to charge. At this point, Mario must use an Earth Vellumental Magic Circle to dodge his attack, which will stun Hole Punch; otherwise the boss will use The Whole Punch, which will deal 19 damage, Hole Punch Mario twice, and use Throwing Punches, all in one turn. If the move is dodged, all punches are released and Hole Punch is flipped over, allowing Mario to use the 1,000 Fold Arms to rush attack him and attempt to peel off his lid, the allotted time corresponding to his current HP. If the lid is successfully peeled off, Hole Punch is defeated. If not, Hole Punch uses Hole Punch and Base Slap and returns to his regular pattern.


Names in other languages[edit]

Hole Punch[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パンチ
Chinese (Simplified) 打孔机
Hole Punch
Chinese (Traditional) 打孔機
Hole Punch
Dutch Perforator Hole Punch
French Perforatrice Hole Punch
German Locher Hole Punch
Italian Perforatrice Hole Punch
Spanish Perforadora Hole Punch

The Disco Devil[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノリノリあなあけフリーク
Norinori Ana-ake Furīku
Groovy Hole-Punching Freak
Chinese (Simplified) 热舞打孔怪
Rèwǔ Dǎkǒng Guài
Hot Dance Punching Monster
Chinese (Traditional) 熱舞打孔怪
Rèwǔ Dǎkǒng Guài
Hot Dance Punching Monster
Dutch De discoduivel The Disco Devil
French La fan de disco infernale The infernal disco fan
German Der Discoteufel The Disco Devil
Italian Discola della disco The Disco Bratty
Spanish La agujereadora díscola The wayward hole punch


  • In the game's traditional Chinese version, the Toads in the audience shout certain phrases in English rather than Chinese due to the battle being disco-themed, which is associated with the United States. The English phrases are "Hey yo!", "Let’s party!", "Check it out! Yo!", "鎚子!Come on!", "跳啊!Baby~!", "Congratulations!", "超級Thank you!", "Have some coffee!?", "Cool!", "Sexy~!", "Yes!神祇之手!", "Cute!", "Fever!", "Oh my God!", and "Ouch!"
  • In the English version of the game, Hole Punch is addressed as "he". However, in different language variations of the game (such as Italian), Hole Punch is addressed as "she". He is the only member, along with Colored Pencils, to have male pronouns in the game.