Toad's BBQ Foodeatery caretaker

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“That was too close for clam! I mean too clam for comfort.”
Toad's BBQ Foodeatery caretaker, Paper Mario: The Origami King
Toad's BBQ Foodeatery caretaker
The Toad's BBQ Foodeatery caretaker from Paper Mario: The Origami King
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
A Toad comes out of Big Shell in Paper Mario: The Origami King
The caretaker of Toad's BBQ Foodeatery in the Big Shell

The Toad's BBQ Foodeatery caretaker is a Toad without a vest or shoes who appears in Paper Mario: The Origami King. After collecting the Big Shell in The Great Sea and putting it on the lit grill in the campsite area of Whispering Woods, the shell opens, revealing the caretaker. After the caretaker is freed, he claims he went out to sea to find BBQ ingredients. He then heads back to his cabin, allowing the player to enter it. If the player talks to the Toad's cabin before rescuing him, the cabin states the caretaker was gone for a long time, and after rescuing the Toad, the cabin states that the residence dress code changed. Inside the cabin, the Toad is seen still without a vest. When Mario collects Collectible Treasure No. 3: Ol' Grandsappy that is inside the cabin, the caretaker will talks about how Ol' Grandsappy was the biggest tree that he and his fellow Toads had logged.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Custode dell'Agriturismo Toad
Toad's BBQ Foodeatery caretaker


  • When the Big Shell opens, the way the Toad's BBQ Foodeatery caretaker poses is similar to The Birth of Venus.