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Toadman and his friend.
Toadman and his friend

Toadman is a Toad from Super Mario Adventures. He is either a purple-capped Toad with a purple vest and a mustache or a red-capped Toad with a red vest and swirly-eyed glasses; the comic does not specify which of the two is being addressed in the only panel in which his name is said.

Toadman and his friend were watching Princess Peach play Super Mario Bros. on her Nintendo Entertainment System when Toadster arrived to inform the princess that a large number of Warp Pipes had suddenly appeared in the castle's garden. The four then went to observe the situation from the castle's balcony, arriving just in time to see Bowser arrive in his Koopa Clown Car. Peach, angered over Bowser's ultimatum to marry him or have her subjects turned into stone, accidentally hit both Toadman and his friend. Later, when Peach tried to go off and strike a deal with Bowser, Toadman, Toadster, and the other Toad attempted to stop her, putting a piece of cloth underneath her to try and catch her as she jumped out a window. However, all they managed to do was soften her landing and cause her to bounce out of their range, allowing her to escape down a Warp Pipe. With Peach gone, either Toadman or his friend had the idea of calling the Minister of Massage to revive Mario, who had been turned to stone along with some Toads as a preliminary threat by Bowser. The two then informed Mario of where Peach had gone.