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PR Toad
MLBIS PR Toad screenshot.png
Species Toad
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (2009)

The PR Toad[1] is a character in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. It is a yellow, white-spotted Toad with a mustache found in the Toad Town Mall. He is involved in the Mushroom Ball Derby sidequest, in which the player finds 16 Mushroom Balls hidden by the organizers around the mall and bring them to him. He rewards Mario and Luigi with items as they bring Mushroom Balls to him.


  • Mr. Mario! Mr. Luigi! Hello! To commemorate the mall opening, we have a PR stunt! Wanna hear about it?
  • It's a little something I like to call Mushroom Ball Derby! We've hidden Mushroom Balls all over this shopping mall, and you bring 'em to me! Here's the best part! You keep whatever's in the balls! Trust me, it's brilliant PR. You'll be dying to open 'em! Now, many Mushroom Balls may be invisible... In blocks you can't see... In the ground... Behind walls... Mario, I know you have a knack for this, so explore suspicious places... Some you can only get by tunneling into the ground. So yeah... That's it. They're hidden all over, so get to looking, you two! Oh! And there are 16 of the Mushroom Balls total!
  • So how about it, you two? Find any Mushroom Balls? In blocks you can't see... In the ground... Behind walls... Snoop around suspicious places, and you'll find 'em! Some you can only get by tunneling into the ground. Remember! There are 16 of the Mushroom Balls total! And just...16 left!
  • Nice! Mushroom Ball score! Found 2 of 'em, huh? Well, let's just take a peek inside the see what's what!
  • Nice! Score!
  • Still 1 more, right?
  • You haven't found the last of those things, now! You've got 14 left! The grand prize of the event has yet to appear! / I sense a ball hidden on the eastern side!
  • Wow! Mario, you are the MAN! That's the event's grand prize! Congratulations!
  • The derby's all done, folks! Big thanks go out to Mario, who made it a huge success!


  • The PR Toad looks like several other Toads in the mall that run shops, such as the owners of Toadles Boutique and the Tea Kiosk.


  1. ^ Mushroom Ball description: An item for the PR Toad in Toad Town. He'll give you what's inside!