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Mario & Luigi inside the Rump Command.
The Rump Command
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The Rump Command is a large area inside Bowser's tail in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and its remake. Once there, Mario and Luigi meet two Evoglobins who carry a plea from Bowser's remaining energy and ask them to revive their host. Mario and Luigi must then board the Boats of Revival and play a minigame. There is also an Emoglobin acting like a Save Block.

In the minigame, Mario & Luigi are in the Boats of Revival and need to shoot red, green, and blue orbs of adrenaline toward Bowser's heart to revive him and make him grow. A bar (called the "adrenameter") at the top of the screen will show how close Bowser is to being revived. Shooting the adrenaline with the corresponding brother (Red for Mario, green for Luigi, and blue for both) will fill up the adrenameter. The blue adrenaline must be hit multiple times in order for it to take effect. Shooting an adrenaline with the wrong brother will send it down toward them. Getting hit with an adrenaline will make the player lose one of three hearts, along with some coins. If the player loses all three hearts, they will have to start the minigame over. Once the adrenameter is full, a large blue adrenaline will appear. This form of adrenaline will attack the player with the other two forms, and the player has to attack it enough times and send it up into Bowser. Once the minigame is completed, Bowser will be revived and grow into a giant.

Bowser can grow only when in peril, however, so Mario and Luigi need to visit here only when Bowser is in mortal danger. The four times that the Mario Bros. come here to make Bowser giant is in the battles with Bowser's Castle, Tower of Yikk, the Fawful Express, and Super Peach's Castle of Fury. Coming here any other time is pointless, as the player cannot play the minigame unless Bowser is in peril. Also, if visited any other time, the Evoglobins will be silent, the boat will also be shaped like a normal Emoglobin, and the Emoglobin acting like a Save Block will be gone. This is also one of the most visited places by Mario and Luigi inside Bowser (four times), in addition to the Arm Center and the Pipe Yard.

In the remake, the green adrenaline is given a square shape.

Names in other languages[edit]

Rump Command
Area map
Language Name Meaning
Japanese パワースペース おしり
Pawā Supēsu Oshiri
Power Space Buttocks
French (NOA) Cul-de-sac Dead End (contains the word cul, slang for buttock)
French (NOE) Sanctuaire postérieur Posterior sanctuary
German Kraftkammer Schweif Power Chamber Tail
Italian Coda di Drago Dragon Tail
Korean 파워 스페이스 (엉덩이)
Paweo Seupeiseu (Eongdeongi)
Power Space (Buttocks)
Spanish (NOA) Espacio Trasero Bottom Space
Spanish (NOE) Puesto Rabadilla Rump Post

Area map[edit]

Level map