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Broque's shop.

Broque Monsieur's Shop is a shop that Broque Monsieur owns in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Broque will only sell his things to Bowser, as he has hatred towards the Mario Brothers due to the way they hit blocks and ruin their value. Broque only sells items that can restore Bowser's stats. After a purchase is made, Bowser will be given a chance to use a Scratch Card - allowing him to receive some money back from the order. As Bowser grows stronger through his adventure and buys many goodies from Broque, he will increase his lucky attributes, known as Horn Level. This will give Bowser a smaller amount of scratch spots, with a greater chance of all options.

The mascot of his shop, once originally his pet Broggy, is made of small blocks known as Blitties. Broque personally asks Bowser to collect all of them so that he can make more profit having them around. Broque will show his gratitude by giving Bowser gear as the King of Koopas supply him with Blitty. Once Bowser gives Broque of fifteen of them, he will give Broggy to Bowser to take for a walk - and in battle - and run Broggy's Shop while he is away. His shop can also be accessed by Bowser remotely from numerous blocks scattered around the Mushroom Kingdom. Using this, Broque will sell items from both his shop and Broggy's, even if Bowser doesn't have Broggy yet.


Items Buy Price
Hot Drumstick 10 Coins
Fiery Drumstick 30 Coins
TNT Drumstick 60 Coins
Syrup Jar 15 Coins
Supersyrup Jar 35 Coins
Ultrasyrup Jar 60 Coins
Max Syrup Jar 100 Coins
Refreshing Herb 5 Coins