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Nutsoglobin.png Sprite of a Nutsoglobin in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (2009)
Latest appearance Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey (2018)
Variant of Emoglobin
“Label me if you must, O world! Label me nuts! Label me naughty! To you I cry out GLOBIN!”
Nutsoglobin, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Nutsoglobins are a variant of Emoglobin that appears in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and its 3DS remake. They are found only in the Flab Zone. If the player activates a Nutsoglobin, they are given the option to "hang out" with it. Unlike other Emoglobins, Nutsoglobins are blue with glasses and likely have hair.

Big Bad Bowser Brain Train[edit]

Choosing to interact with a Nutsoglobin initiates the "Big Bad Bowser Brain Train" game; the Nutsoglobin asks Mario and Luigi questions about Bowser, though before taking the quiz, the player can ask Bowser questions through the Nutsoglobin. Each question costs five coins, and when the player is done asking questions, they can take the quiz, and the Nutsoglobin then asks the Mario Bros. three questions about the information Bowser just gave. Mario and Luigi must answer all the questions correctly, or they are forced to fight one to three Tenderlings and redo the quiz. If the Mario Bros. answer each question correctly, they are given 50 coins and the Nutsoglobin tells the brothers which pipe to take. Not long after, the player meets two more Nutsoglobins. The second asks Mario and Luigi five questions, while the third asks seven. The coin reward and the list of things to ask Bowser about multiply by two every time, and there are different questions for each Nutsoglobin. The Nutsoglobins also quiz the player on past information that the player received from Bowser.

The Nutsoglobins' hints are not needed to get through the Flab Zone, so their quizzes are entirely optional.

Below is a list of questions that appear in the quizzes, as well as things Bowser can respond to before the player takes said quizzes; all of them are listed in order of their availability corresponding to the number of quizzes the player has completed. The correct answer for each question is highlighted in bold.

How's Bowser's body doing?1
  • Totally awesome.
  • Good and bad.
  • Really, really bad.
  • Normal.
Which part of Bowser feels a little dry?1
  • Eyes.
  • Hide.
  • Nose.
  • Throat.
How's Bowser's head feeling?1
  • Dizzy.
  • Fuzzy.
  • Funky.
  • Throbby.
What made Bowser's stomach all gurgly?1
How does Bowser describe the design of his castle?1
  • Awesome and dynamic.
  • Sensational and cool.
  • Powerful and awe inspiring.
  • Perfect and lovely.
What lies inside the treasure chamber in Bowser Castle?1
  • Treasure taken by force.
  • Treasure taken by choice.
  • Treasure found by luck.
  • Treasure taken in secret.
What was the Fawful Theater at Bowser Castle previously?1
  • Bedroom.
  • Concert hall.
  • Training facility.
  • Cafeteria.
What does Bowser want to turn the Fawful Theater into?1
  • Bowser Stadium.
  • Bowser Museum.
  • Bowser Studio.
  • Bowser Theater.
Of Fawful's dishes, what was Bowser's favorite?2
  • Spicy chicken.
  • Simple noodles.
  • Rich steak.
  • Fluffy cake.
What does Bowser like about Fawful's chicken?2
  • Its delicacy and body.
  • Its mouth feel and volume.
  • Its juiciness and texture.
  • Its spiciness and fattiness.
What does Bowser like about Fawful's cake?2
  • The size and decorations.
  • The cream and fluffy sponge.
  • The fruit and hidden flavor.
  • The softness and richness.
What does Bowser want Chippy to do?2
  • Disappear.
  • Work more shifts.
  • Be quiet.
  • Be more annoying.
What doesn't Bowser like about Chippy?2
  • She's always yapping.
  • He doesn't know who she is.
  • She doesn't listen to him.
  • He dislikes her entirely.
What is it about Chippy that ticks Bowser off?2
  • She doesn't listen to him.
  • She won't say who she is.
  • She's always messing up.
  • She acts superior.
How does Bowser intend to finish off Fawful?3 If Fawful tries to flee, who will Bowser send after him?3
What will Bowser use to destroy Fawful's machines?3 Who does Bowser not want to see at all in his state?3
What attack would Bowser use on Mario in his current state?3
  • Pancake attack.
  • Rolling attack.
  • Dancing attack.
  • Fire attack.
Bowser's responses
His body condition.1 "What? You want to know how my body's doing? Well... I guess normal. No big complaints, anyway. I guess my throat's kinda dry... And, now that you mention it, my head feels fuzzy. Yeah... Great, now you got me paranoid, and other places are feeling kinda weird! There goes my stomach! It's all gurgly and hot! And I know exactly why! I mean, I ate a ton here, but before that, I ate a huge giga-carrot. That's what did it! Look, I don't want to talk about it anymore, OK? If I keep thinking about this, my whole body will shut down!" Bowser Castle.1 "Huh? You wanna hear about Bowser Castle? Gee, it's only the best castle ever made! Take a look from a distance! Powerful and awe-inspiring design choices slap your face! It's like looking at me! And I didn't even mention the best part! Underneath it, there's a chamber full of treasure! The treasure I took by force sleeps in a pile down there like a giant, golden baby! But... My awesome castle... That stupid Fawful! The guy remodeled the whole thing! He turned my military training facility into the Fawful Theater! That's wrong in so many ways! No, Fawful! Not on my watch! When I get out of here, I'm making it the Bowser Theater!"
Fawful's cooking.2 "What? Fawful's cooking? Guy can't cook! It was nasty! I spat it out, it was so gross! ...Well, I wanna say that, but actually, the dude's a prodigy. The flavors were unbelievable! You know what I liked the best? General Fawful's Spicy Chicken! I mean, it was spicy, but INSIDE the spice was delicacy and body and, man, I could eat it forever! And the flavors in his cake... IT BLEW MY MIND! I'm talking about rich cream and fluffy sponge exploding in your mouth like a taste volcano! Believe me, I was shocked a guy that weird had such skills!" Chippy.2 "What? You're asking how I feel about this Chippy in my body? Well, I'm not a fan, I gotta say. She's always yapping about whatever, which I don't need. She comes off kinda superior, too, which ticks me off! But beyond all that, I don't even know what she is! I mean, how long's she been in there?! I wanna know where she is, just once. That's all. But hey, she's in there fixing up all the nasty parts in my bod, so I can't complain, right? Yeah, I'll have her work for a few more shifts, you know? GWAHAHAHAHAHA!"
His current body shape.3 "What? My current body shape? You mean, like, at the moment? Why don't you just...LOOOOOOOK AT ME! I'm immobile, genius! Even if I wanna do evil, I can't move! You think I'm gonna strut out in front of Peach and the rest of them like this?! PLEASE! Especially Mario! I'm not letting that dude see me this out of shape! That'd be insane! ...Although actually, the extra poundage might just pancake the little guy into dust...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not a bad evil plan, if I do say so myself!" How he'll KO Fawful.3 "Huh? You wanna know how I'm gonna KO that idiot, Fawful? GAHAHAHA! Oh, I've got a few solid ideas, that's for sure! My current plan is to get up on the Fawful Theater stage again, but this time, I battle Fawful! And he'll throw stuff at me, but I'll give a manly laugh and inhale everything to finish him off! Maybe he'll try to escape on his flying thingie, but no dice! I'll summon my Paratroopa squadron, and they'll blast him out of the sky as he flees! That reminds me, the guy does use a lot of weird machines... But I'll just use my Bob-ombs and BOOM! Oops! All blowed up! GAHAHAHAHAHA! But first... I do have to escape from here, that's a problem."

1 - Readily available.
2 - Available after one quiz is completed.
3 - Available after two quizzes are completed.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワルグロびん

From「悪い」(warui, bad) and「ヘモグロびん」(Hemogurobin, Emoglobin)

French (NOA) Quizzoglobine
Quiz + Globin
French (NOE) Rebellobing
Rebelle (rebel) + Hémoglobing (Emoglobin)
German Hämeglobin
From "hämisch" (gloating) and "Hämoglobin"
Italian Maloglobin
From "male" (bad) and "emoglobin"
Korean 찡글로빈
from 찡그리다(Jjingeurida, meaning 'frown') 'and hemoglobin'.

Spanish (NOA) Interroglobín
From "interrogar" that means interrogate, and "Emoglobín" (Emoglobin)
Spanish (NOE) Malaglobina
Mala is bad. Globina from Emoglobin Spanish (European) name, Infoglobina.


  • The Prima Games guide mistakenly lists only the second and third Nutsoglobbins, and only lists the first four responses Bowser can say.