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Mario, Luigi and Starlow in the Nose Deck inside Bowser's body, with Bowser in Bumpsy Plains
The Nose Deck
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The Nose Deck is a location in Bowser's body in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and its remake, located in Bowser's nasal cavities. When Bowser smells a weird pollen, Mario, Luigi and Starlow come here because of an odd disturbance. Upon stepping into a cyclone, Mario and Luigi will be brought to a mini-game.

The player has to use the stylus to slide Mario and Luigi around. When the player slides the stylus, the brothers will slide in that direction a short distance. The player has to knock pollen into the ten large nasal mounds turning them from blue to pink. The direction the pollen flies depends on the direction they are hit from. Afterward, a large, engorged mound will appear and the player has to hit it. Upon hitting this mound, spiked pollen will appear. Touching this pollen will make the player lose a heart, and getting hit three times will restart the mini-game. The player must now avoid the spiked pollen while trying to slam into the large infected mounds. Failure to hit the large mounds after a set amount of time will make the mound shrink and reappear in a different spot. Once the player has successfully completed the mini-game, Bowser will let out a large sneeze, affecting specified points in the game.

The player can only play the mini-game when Bowser inhales a certain aroma. The first time is when Bowser is trying to save his Koopa Corps by making a ship slide into a wall. The second time is played almost immediately after the first time, except this time there are more infected mounds to hit. The third time is when trying to get the propeller of the Tower of Yikk moving, which will ultimately lead to a Super Bowser fight with the Tower of Yikk.

Names in other languages[edit]

Nose Deck
Area map
Language Name Meaning
Japanese パワースペース はな
Pawā Supēsu Hana
Power Space Nose
French (NOA) Bout du nez Top of nose
French (NOE) Chambre nasale Nasal room
German Kraftkammer Nase Power Chamber Nose
Italian Naso Tifone Typhoon Nose
Spanish (NOA) Terraza Nasal Nasal Terrace
Spanish (NOE) Centro Olfativo Olfactory Center

Areas map[edit]

Level map