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The Cholesteroad is an event in Challenge Node from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and its remake. The name is a pun on both 'cholesterol' and 'road'. It is unlocked after defeating the Scutlet in the Flame Pipe. Here, the player partakes in using Mario and Luigi's Bros. Attacks in a manner that progressively become more difficult to use until the player makes a mistake. The Cholesteroad features two categories, Endless Mode and Juuuuump Mode.

The Cholesteroad is Mario and Luigi's counterpart to Bowser's sessions with Broque Madame, where the player's agility with Bowser's Brawl Attacks is tested.


Endless Mode[edit]

If the player chooses Endless Mode, the player can use five of the Bros. Attacks which slowly increase in complexity and speed, against an endless swarm of Cholesterons; the player is scored based on how long they can keep up the progressive difficulty before failing once. In this mode, the player can do all the Bros. Attacks except for the Fire Flower, Mighty Meteor, Snack Basket and Falling Star.

Juuuuump Mode[edit]

In Juuuuump Mode, the players use the Jump Helmet to move as far a distance as possible within a limited time frame, which can be replenished by grabbing the extra time clocks. Points are allotted based on the distance traveled before making a mistake or running out of time. 25 and 50 points are required to obtain the B Rank and A Rank, respectively in the Japanese version of the original game, while the European and American versions of the original game require 30 and 60 points for the B and A ranks, respectively.


Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story[edit]

Special Attack B Rank B Rank reward A Rank A Rank reward Grand reward
Green Shell 100 Points 50 Coins 150 Points 300 Coins, Challenge Medal Master Wear
Yoo Who Cannon 80 Points 100 Coins 120 Points 600 Coins, Bro Socks
Super Bouncer 20 Points 200 Coins 30 Points 1200 Coins, Dizzy Boots
Spin Pipe 20 Points 480 Coins 30 Points 2400 Coins, Advice Patch
Magic Window 70 Points 600 Coins 120 Points 3000 Coins, Siphon Gloves
Juuuuump Mode 25/30 Points 120 Coins 50/60 Points 600 Coins, Daredevil Boots

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey[edit]

Bros. Attack Bronze Rank Bronze Rank reward Silver Rank Silver Rank reward Gold Rank Gold Rank reward Grand reward
Green Shell 20 Points 50 Coins 60 Points 150 Coins 120 Points 300 Coins, Big Shell Miracle Badge
Yoo Who Cannon 32 Points 150 Coins 64 Points 300 Coins 120 Points 600 Coins, Bro Socks
Super Bouncer 10 Points 250 Coins 20 Points 500 Coins 30 Points 1000 Coins, Dizzy Boots
Spin Pipe 10 Points 300 Coins 20 Points 600 Coins 30 Points 1200 Coins, EX Badge Ring
Magic Window 40 Points 400 Coins 70 Points 800 Coins 100 Points 1600 Coins, Special Gloves DX
Jump Helmet 8 Points 200 Coins 16 Points 400 Coins 24 Points 800 Coins, Daredevil Boots

Note: if the Gold Rank is achieved without ever stopping after Bronze and Silver ranks, the coin prize from each rank will be added up together.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Colesantro Portmanteau of "Cholesterol" and "antro" (lair)
Spanish (NOA) Colestería Cholestry