List of shops in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey

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Shops are small stores that sell goods during the events of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey. Every shop can be an Item Shop, Gear Shop, or Badge Shop. There are also small Counters that fully restore HP, BP, or both. Mario and Luigi can buy items at Toad Town or Toad Square, and Bowser can shop at Broque Monsieur's Shop in Dimble Wood, as well as the Shop Blocks scattered across the Mushroom Kingdom.


Toad Town Mall[edit]

Item Shop
Merchandise Image Price
Mushroom MLBISBJJMushroom.png 10 Coins
Super Mushroom MLBISBJJMushroom.png 50 Coins
Ultra Mushroom MLBISBJJMushroom.png 170 Coins
Max Mushroom MLBISBJJMushroom.png 350 Coins
Syrup Jar MLBISBJJSyrupJar.png 15 Coins
Super syrup MLBISBJJSyrupJar.png 50 Coins
Ultra Syrup MLBISBJJSyrupJar.png 150 Coins
Max Syrup Jar MLBISBJJSyrupJar.png 250 Coins
1-Up Mushroom MLBISBJJ1UpMushroom.png 20 Coins
1-Up Deluxe MLBISBJJ1UpMushroom.png 300 Coins
Nut MLBISBJJNut.png 50 Coins
Super Nut MLBISBJJNut.png 180 Coins
Ultra Nut MLBISBJJNut.png 300 Coins
Refreshing Herb MLBISBJJRefreshingHerb.png 5 Coins
Boo Biscuit MLBISBJJBooBiscuit.png 5 Coins

Gear Shop
Merchandise Image Price
Koopa Wear MLBISBJJWear.png 300 Coins
Nurse Socks MLBISBJJSocks.png 300 Coins
Counter Socks MLBISBJJSocks.png 800 Coins
Special Socks MLBISBJJSocks.png 400 Coins
POW Gloves MLBISBJJGloves.png 150 Coins
Budget Charm MLBISBJJAccessory.png 750 Coins

Toadles Boutique (Flower Rank Exclusive)
Merchandise Image Price
Synchronized Wear MLBISBJJWear.png 2000 Coins
Balm Wear MLBISBJJWear.png 1600 Coins
DX BP Socks MLBISBJJSocks.png 1300 Coins
Surprising Socks MLBISBJJSocks.png 1800 Coins
Heavy Gloves MLBISBJJGloves.png 250 Coins
Item Gloves MLBISBJJGloves.png 300 Coins
Heavy Boots MLBISBJJBoots.png 300 Coins
Happy Charm MLBISBJJAccessory.png 200 Coins
Tight Belt MLBISBJJAccessory.png 2500 Coins

Star Shop (Star Rank Exclusive)
Merchandise Image Price
King Wear MLBISBJJWear.png 3600 Coins
Star Wear MLBISBJJWear.png 4200 Coins
Medical Socks MLBISBJJSocks.png 1000 Coins
Gumption Socks MLBISBJJSocks.png 2500 Coins
DX POW Gloves MLBISBJJGloves.png 7500 Coins
Excellent Gloves MLBISBJJGloves.png 1800 Coins
DX POW Boots MLBISBJJBoots.png 2000 Coins
Counter Scarf MLBISBJJAccessory.png 800 Coins
Luck Charm MLBISBJJAccessory.png 1000 Coins

Badge Shop
Merchandise Image Price
Bonus Badge - 500 Coins
Bro Badge - 800 Coins
Powerful Badge - 1500 Coins
Pro Badge - 1000 Coins
Master Badge - 5000 Coins

Tea Kiosk
Merchandise Price
Regular 5 Coins
Milk 8 Coins
Royal 10 Coins

Broque Monsieur's Shop / Shop Block[edit]

Broque Monsieur's Shop
Merchandise Image Price
Hot Drumstick MLBISBJJDrumstick.png 10 Coins
Fiery Drumstick MLBISBJJDrumstick.png 120 Coins
TNT Drumstick MLBISBJJDrumstick.png 300 Coins
Cheese MLBISBJJCheese.png 20 Coins
Super Cheese MLBISBJJCheese.png 60 Coins
Ultra Cheese MLBISBJJCheese.png 180 Coins
Miracle Cheese MLBISBJJCheese.png 500 Coins
Cheesy Drumstick MLBISBJJCheesyDrumstick.png 1000 Coins
Refreshing Herb MLBISBJJRefreshingHerb.png 5 Coins
Boo Biscuit MLBISBJJBooBiscuit.png 5 Coins

Broggy's Shop
Merchandise Image Price
Special Shell MLBISBJJShell.png 120 Coins
Safety Shell MLBISBJJShell.png 300 Coins
Armored Shell MLBISBJJShell.png 1200 Coins
Blazing Shell MLBISBJJShell.png 2000 Coins
Dream Shell MLBISBJJShell.png 3000 Coins
Counter Band MLBISBJJBand.png 500 Coins
Iron Fist Band MLBISBJJBand.png 250 Coins
Vampire Band MLBISBJJBand.png 1000 Coins
Hunter Band MLBISBJJBand.png 800 Coins
Lucky Band MLBISBJJBand.png 1000 Coins
Minion Band SP MLBISBJJBand.png 2500 Coins
Counter Ring MLBISBJJRing.png 800 Coins
Glutton Ring MLBISBJJRing.png 800 Coins
Peace Ring MLBISBJJRing.png 1000 Coins
Fill-up Ring MLBISBJJRing.png 1500 Coins
Economy Ring MLBISBJJRing.png 5000 Coins

Shop Block
Merchandise Price
Negative Ions 10 Coins

Toad Square[edit]

Gear Shop
Merchandise Image Price
Picnic Wear MLBISBJJWear.png 30 Coins
Leisure Wear MLBISBJJWear.png 100 Coins
Fighter Wear MLBISBJJWear.png 120 Coins
Medical Wear MLBISBJJWear.png 500 Coins
A-OK Wear MLBISBJJWear.png 4800 Coins
Starched Socks MLBISBJJSocks.png 180 Coins
HP Socks MLBISBJJSocks.png 20 Coins
BP Socks MLBISBJJSocks.png 50 Coins
Excellent Socks MLBISBJJSocks.png 50 Coins
Doctor Socks MLBISBJJSocks.png 1400 Coins
Siphon Gloves DX MLBISBJJGloves.png 4000 Coins
Sharing Gloves MLBISBJJGloves.png 1500 Coins
Leap Boots MLBISBJJBoots.png 50 Coins
Budget Charm MLBISBJJAccessory.png 750 Coins

Healthy Emoglobin Sweet Extract Juice Counter
Merchandise Price
Two Glasses 10 Coins (Occasionally 1 Coin)