Hot Drumstick

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Hot Drumsticks, known as Spicy Drumsticks in the instruction booklet, are consumables that can only be used by Bowser in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. They are the cheapest and weakest type of drumstick, surpassed by the Fiery Drumstick and the TNT Drumstick. If eaten, he instantly regains eighty Heart Points. It can be purchased from Broque Monsieur's item shop as soon as it becomes available for ten coins. The Sea Pipe Statue has a 100% chance of dropping a Hot Drumstick after a battle, Chuboombas have a 35% chance, Toothies have a 30% chance, and Flifits and Treevils have a 5% chance.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピリからチキン
Pirikara Chikin
From 「ぴりぴり」piripiri, meaning spicy, and 「辛」karai, meaning spicy.
Spanish Pollo picante Spicy chicken
French (NOA) Poulet Chicken
French (NOE) Poulet piquant Hot Chicken
German Keule Drumstick
Italian Pollo Piccante Spicy Chicken