Mushroom Tea

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Mario & Luigi drinking one of the Tea.

Mushroom Tea is a drink in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. There are three variations of Mushroom Tea: Regular, Milk, and Royal.

Regular Mushroom Tea can be bought at the Tea Kiosk in the Toad Town Mall for five coins. This tea heals all lost HP.

Milk Mushroom Tea can also be bought at the Tea Counter, but for eight coins. This tea will restore all lost SP.

Royal Mushroom Tea can be bought at the Tea Kiosk for ten coins, or gotten for free at the Star-ranked Equipment Shop. This tea will heal both HP and SP. The Bowser equivalent to this are Negative Ions.


  • Once the player is able to access the Star-rank equipment shop, it is recommended to come here for Royal Mushroom Tea instead of the Tea Counter, though it's worth noting the price of Mushroom Tea is so minuscule as to be insignificant.