Dark Trashure

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Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey Enemy
Dark Trashure
Location(s): Peach's Castle
Level: 27
HP: 360
POW: 300
DEF: 220
Experience: 660
Coins: 200
Item Drop: Ultra Cheese - 30%
Minion Band SP - 15%
Fire: Normal
Jump: Normal
Hammer: Normal
Battled by: Bowser
Burn: 1x
Dizzy: 1x
Stat Down: 1x
Speed down: 1x
Bowser's Inside Story Enemy
Dark Trashure
Dark Trashure.gif
Location(s) Peach's Castle
Battled by Bowser
Level 30
HP 360 (540)
POW 235 (588)
DEF 120 (180)
SPEED 58 (87)
Fire Normal
Burn? Normal
Dizzy? Normal
Stat Down? Normal
KO? Normal
Experience 640
Coins 100 (150)
Item Drop Ultrasyrup Jar - 10%
Minion Band SP - 15%
  • The second set of numbers next to the enemy's HP, POW, DEF, SPEED and Coins are stat increases from the Challenge Medal accessory; a 50% increase for HP, DEF, SPEED and Coins earned, and a 150% increase for POW.

Dark Trashures are dark purple forms of the Trashure. Found in Peach's Castle during the events of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, these enemies are stronger than their original forms, throwing faster and more harmful items and less Mushrooms and coins. Although they have more power, they are also more prone to running away and leaving the player with no EXP. Like normal Trashures, if the player does not counter the hammer from the Dark Trashure, Bowser may get stunned making them wait a few turns. They also have the highest health out of all non-boss enemies excluding ones encountered in The Gauntlet. They are mostly seen in battle with Dark Mechawfuls or Naplocks and appear to be working for the evil Fawful though this is unknown if they do. Bowser can use the Vacuum Block to inhale a Blitty from Dark Trashures.

In the original game, Mario and Luigi cannot fight Dark Trashures but only their normal counterpart; however, with cheats enabled and fighting them, the battle acts normally. Its attacks can be dodged except when they throw a cannonball at a rapid speed.[1]

In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey, they no longer throw Scutlets at Bowser during their attacks.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダークトレジャン
Dāku Torejan
Dark Trashure
Spanish (NOA) Cofraude Oscuro From "oscuro" (dark) "cofre" (chest) and "fraude" (fraud)
Spanish (NOE) Cofredio Oscuro Dark Chest
French Coffre-fortiche Noir From "coffre-fort" (safe, "coffre" also means chest), the familiar word "fortiche" (clever) and "noir" (black).
German Finster-Schatzfratz Dark Trashure