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Not to be confused with Chef Kinopio.
Chef Toad
Chef Toad
Artwork of Chef Toad from the Super Nintendo World website
Species Toad
First appearance Super Nintendo World (2021)
“Hi there! And welcome to Kinopio's Cafe! My name is Chef Toad.”
Chef Toad, Super Nintendo World

Chef Toad is a red-capped Toad character who appears as the head chef of Kinopio's Café at Super Nintendo World.

Chef Toad appears in an animated video presented as a window from a waiting area into the kitchen of the café. In the video, the chef walks into view and begins preparing food, then notices guests through the window and begins talking to them about the restaurant and their time at the park.

According to the Super Nintendo World website, the Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl with Mushroom Tomato Sauce is Chef Toad's secret recipe.

Chef Toad is one of the several characters to receive official Super Nintendo World merchandise (a plush, a figure, a key chain, and a risotto set), which can be purchased at 1-UP Factory.[1]

Chef Toad and Chef Kinopio from Paper Mario: The Origami King share a name in Japanese.


  • "Hi there! And welcome to Kinopio's Cafe! My name is Chef Toad. I'm the Head Chef of this fine establishment."
  • "I bet you're collecting a lot of coins and power-ups out there, and that's probably what made you hungry."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シェフキノピオ
Shefu Kinopio
Chef Toad
Chinese (Simplified) 厨师奇诺比奥
Chúshī Qínuòbǐ'ào
Chef Toad
German Chefkoch Toad Head Chef Toad
Spanish Chef Toad -