Mountain Sage

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“Yes, I am the sage of the mountain.”
Mountain Sage
Mountain Sage
Yellow Chosen Toad sprite from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)

The Mountain Sage is a yellow Toad and one of the three Chosen Toads in Paper Mario: Color Splash. He first appears in Daffodil Peak, but later moves to the Crimson Tower and stays there for the rest of the game.


The Mountain Sage is found at Daffodil Peak, but not quite at the top of the mountain as Mario and Huey were led to believe. Instead, the Toad in question is the amnesiac gatekeeper of the mountain, whom remembered nothing of his past before taking the job given to him by the Daffodil Peak park ranger. However, this fact is not made known until Mario first climbs Daffodil Peak and obtains the Yellow Mini Paint Star, after the park ranger and the gatekeeper insist on there being a Mountain Sage and Mario manages to color in the missing color on the gatekeeper's cap, restoring his memory.

After Mario fills in the color, he recalls everything of his past and his identity. He then demonstrates his power as proof: putting a dent in a mountain and it falls down. The Mountain Sage then departs for the Crimson Tower's gate.

Even after gathering the three Chosen Toads together, it turns out their job is not quite done yet. In order to open the gate, Mario needs to hammer them into their keyholes. After Mario does this, the gate opens and it appears that they are gone. However, this is not so; they are still alive and are able to communicate through the small holes on the gate. They then encourage Mario to go after the Red Big Paint Star. They are seen again at the Port Prisma festival after Mario defeats Morton Koopa Jr. and reacquires the red Big Paint Star, and once more after the defeat of Black Bowser at the Port Prisma celebration.


  • "Welcome to Daffodil Peak, home of the legendary Mountain Sage."
  • "Cool idea, but you'll need a climbing permit before I can let you climb the mountain. Head through the gate to your right, and buy a permit from the park ranger. You'll find him in his cabin. Here, I'll open the gate."
  • "I can't let you climb Daffodil Peak until you get a climbing permit. Head through this little gate to your right, and get one from the park ranger's cabin."
  • "If you want a climbing permit, head through the gate to your right and talk to the ranger in his cabin."
  • "Ah, you got a climbing permit. I'm a bit surprised you got one, considering the park ranger has been rather down in the dumps. Anyway, let me start my spiel over. Helps me remember my lines. *ahem* Welcome to Daffodil Peak, home of the legendary Mountain Sage! You'll find the sage at the peak of the mountain. All right, I'll open the mountain path."
  • "Have a good climb, Mario."
  • "Whoa! Whoa! Keep your lid on!"
  • "The Mountain Sage isn't real? I'm as disappointed as you are..."
  • "Yes, I believed in my heart of hearts that the Mountain Sage was real. Though I can't remember why I was so convinced... Come to think of it, I can't remember anything before accepting this gatekeeper job. The last thing I remember is the park ranger bringing me here after finding me stranded on the mountaintop. And it was the ranger who said the Mountain Sage was real! Do you think he lied to us?"
  • "I wonder what happened to the Mountain Sage. My mind's a complete blank. I've got no idea!"
  • "Eureka... I remember everything. The color missing from my head must've damaged my memory. I am one of the Chosen Toads, the divine few imbued with great power. I spend my days training on the mountaintop, waiting for my destiny to take shape."
  • "Yes, I am the sage of the mountain."
  • "Good question, young one."
  • "Usually we Chosen Toads aren't meant to use our power for such savagery. But I have some aggression to work out today... They must have snuck up and drained my head while I was meditating, the miscreants."
  • "The world is vast, young one, and I am but a Toad. But, it is a Chosen Toad's duty to serve those in need. I've no doubt that I'll be able to aid you in some manner, when the time is right. If you find yourself up against a wall, rest assured that the Chosen Toads hold the key to getting beyond it."
  • "The world is vast, young one, and I am but a Toad. I've seen no such Paint Stars, but it is a Chosen Toad's duty to serve those in need. Our paths have crossed for a reason. There's no doubt about that. Perhaps I am the key to unlocking your true potential..."
  • "No... it turns out that I'm just the key to unlocking some random door. Well... OK, I guess."
  • "I have foreseen it, young one... If the tower gate impedes thee, the Chosen Toads hold the key."
  • "I have foreseen it, young one... If the tower gate impedes thee, the Chosen Toads hold the key. ...Or something like that."
  • "I'll meet you at the Crimson Tower, young one."
  • "There's no need to rush, young one. All of the Chosen Toads' paths end here. So it is written."
  • "The three Chosen Toads hath assembled."
  • "But... it is written! In the book of hitting things with hammers!"
  • "I am but a nail in the 2x4 of fate."
  • "OMMMMM!"
  • "Go make your fate in the Crimson Tower, young ones! The Crimson Tower awaits..."
  • "The red Big Paint Star was yours all along."
  • "The yellow Paint Star thanks you, young one."
  • "Well done rescuing the blue Paint Star, my child. We may be stuck here for all eternity while you gallivant around, reaping the rewards of our sacrifice, but we're... not... bitter."
  • "But do we ever truly hold anything? In this world, one must let go of everything to have anything."
  • "That must mean all of the Big Paint Stars are finally back. Nice work, young one. Time to follow the road of rainbows and fulfill your destiny."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Sage de la montagne
Mountain sage
German Weiser Toad
Wise Toad
Italian Saggio della montagna
Mountain Sage
Russian Горный Гуру

Mountain Guru

Spanish (NOE) Sabio de la montaña
Mountain sage