Sacred Forest

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Sacred Forest
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Huey talking to Mario.

How to access Obtain the green Mini Paint Star from Mondo Woods
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Boss Kamek
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“So much for taking a nice stroll through a normal forest...”
Huey, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Sacred Forest is a location from Paper Mario: Color Splash. The path leading here is unlocked after getting the green Mini Paint Star from Mondo Woods, and unlocks paths leading to Mustard Café, Cobalt Base, and Green Energy Plant. The Turnip Thing blocks the pipe to the rest of the course until all the members of the Yellow Rescue Squad are found to pull it free. Kamek will fight Mario before he can grab the green Mini Paint Star located here.


Upon first entering the level, Huey notices that the magic Kamek cast on Mondo Woods has effected the Sacred Forest as well. Going right, Mario will encounter a Toad, being the leader of the yellow Rescue Squad, trying to pull a giant turnip out of a Warp Pipe. He requests that Mario find the 11 members of the yellow Rescue Squad to help him. The level's first Mini Paint Star is located shortly after the pipe, and unlocks access to Mustard Café.

The first Mini Paint Star and the Captain of the Yellow Rescue Squad are found in the first part of the level. He is trying to pull out a giant turnip from a pipe and needs the help of every member in his Rescue Squad. Mario first needs to gather all of them. When this mission is accomplished, the pipe also gets pulled out but luckily another one grows out of the same spot.

After using the pipe, Mario and Huey get to the second part of the level, but they find out that every element there is tiny due to Kamek's magic. Enemies are referred to as "Small". The second Mini Paint Star is at the very beginning of the level, but a gang of Small Goombas scatter it into five parts which have to be gathered and brought back together. Mario then begins the search for the five segments. The first one is guarded by a Small Cheep Cheep. Later, five Small Goomba Wheels surprise Mario when he's about to get the second Mini Paint Star piece and try to guard it. The third fragment is found in the Sacred Tree and Mario has to hit the tree with his hammer, but a group of Small Goombas falls too. Mario uses a Super Star (found behind a fake tree) to get the fourth piece, which is in the middle of a huge group of Small Goombas. The fifth segment is guarded by a big group of Small Buzzy Beetles. After collecting the five pieces, Mario goes back to the original location of the Mini Paint Star to put it back together. However, two Small Hammer Bros. appear to defend it. After defeating them, Mario can finally get the blue Mini Paint Star.

Finally, the Magnifying Glass Thing needs to be used to enlarge a tiny pipe and get to area where the third Mini Paint Star is. Nevertheless, Kamek will appear flying in his broom before Mario can get the Mini Paint Star. When the battle starts, Kamek will use his magic to shrink Mario in size. During the battle, the Battle Cards are flipped. When defeated, he will try to make Mario huge with his magic, but he will only have enough magic as to return him to the normal size. Kamek then admits defeat, giving Mario a fourth Card Slot, and vanishes.



Required Thing(s)[edit]

  • Magnifying Glass (to return the pipe to normal size)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コシンボクのはやし
Koshinboku no Hayashi
Woods of Little Sacred Tree
Spanish Bosquecillo Sagrado Sacred Little Woods
French Bois Bonsaï Bonsai Woods
German Bonsai-Hain Bonsai Grove
Russian Карликовая роща
Karlikovaya roshcha
Dwarf Grove