Hero's Journal

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Hero's Journal
The Hero's Journal icon from Paper Mario: Color Splash
"Possible hero names, techniques, catchphrases, weapons, vehicles, and weak points are recorded here."
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
Cherry Lake
Pry Guy reading from the journal

The Hero's Journal is an item found in Paper Mario: Color Splash.

It is one of four items Mario must retrieve for Justice Toad in Cherry Lake. It is found north of Justice Toad's hiding place, and left of the entrance of the screen, where Pry Guy is snooping through its contents. To obtain it, Mario has to defeat Pry Guy. When Mario gives the journal back to Justice Toad, he acts defensive and describes it as "just something [he] was doodling in," then tells Mario not to worry about it.

The journal has a very similar design to Goombella's Tattle Log.


As Pry Guy reads aloud, the journal (or a part thereof) reads:

Journal of Justice

From the shadows of... darkness, a hero arises to protect those who cannot protect themselves. This hero harnesses the power of justice to strike fear into the hearts of the wicked. Plus, he looks really, REALLY cool, and everyone wants to be best friends with him. When bad guys appear... he fights without fear!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヒーローノート
Hīrō Nōto
Hero Notebook
French Journal du héros Hero's Journal
Italian Diario dell'eroe Hero's diary
Spanish Diario de héroe Hero's Diary