Vortex Island

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Vortex Island
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Mario listening to a Shy Guy talking about a tornado.

How to access Obtain the purple Mini Paint Star from Violet Passage
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“If you hang out laundry to dry in the parallel world...it won't ever dry, will it? Because it's so wet and cloudy?”
Huey, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Vortex Island is a location from Paper Mario: Color Splash. The path leading here is unlocked after getting the Purple Mini Paint Star from Violet Passage, and unlocks a path leading to Lighthouse Island. The Cork and Washing Machine Things can be found here, with the cork plugging the warp pipe to the parallel world, and the washing machine the source of the vortex.


After crossing the Lost Sea, the captain's ship stops at a vortex with a Mini Paint Star in the center. The captain warns against going into the vortex and docks at a nearby island. Shortly after docking, Mario can re-paint a Toad, who tells him that nobody knows how to stop the vortex. The bridge leading further onto the island is broken, so Mario must enter a cave to get to the other side. Inside, a purple Toad looks at a treasure chest that is too high up to reach. After exiting the cave, Mario reaches a house with unpainted Toads out front. If Mario paints the Toad inside the house, he reveals that there is an entrance to a parallel world through a Warp Pipe in his backyard, and allows Mario to use it. Before he can enter the pipe, Mario must rip off the Toad tape and pull out the Cork Thing.

The parallel world is similar to the normal world, except inhabited by Shy Guys instead of Toads, Boos instead of Bloopers, and Dry Bones instead of Koopa Troopas. Mario can hammer down posts in the parallel world that are solid in the normal world. The water has been drained, so Mario can walk across where the river usually is. This allows him to access an area with four metal posts, and going south brings him to the area with the broken bridge. Here, Mario can create a bridge by hitting invisible blocks. Three metal posts are blocking the area with the whirlpool. Additionally, in the parallel cave, Mario can hammer another post. With all the posts removed and the bridge built, he must go back to the normal world.

If Mario revisits the treasure chest, it is full of five Line Jump cards. Back at the first area, the ship crew has crossed the bridge and is waiting at some wooden posts. Huey encourages Mario to continue looking and reach the Mini Paint Star. To the north is four wooden posts which Mario must hammer down to reveal a big rainbow blob of paint. In the parallel world, the corresponding posts have been sunk to reveal more paint. Mario can pass the posts where the captain was in the normal world, leading him to a laundry room where the Washing Machine Thing is creating a vortex. Squeezing it causes Mario to be attacked by a series of enemies: Laundry Guy, a Shy Guy 5-Stack, a Koopa Troopa, and a Shady Sledge Bro.

Returning to the normal world, the vortex slowly disappears and Mario has to ask the ship's helmsman to sail to it. The Mini Paint Star opens a path to Lighthouse Island.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バイオ列島 うずしお島
Baio Rettō Uzushio Tō
Vio Archipelago Whirling Tides Island, doubles as a pun on the English word バイオレット "violet"
Spanish Isla del Vórtice Vortex Island
French (NOA) Île du Maelström Maelstrom Island
French (NOE) Île du maelström Maelstrom Island
German Strudelinsel Vortex Island
Russian Остров Водоворота
Ostrov Vodovorota
Vortex Island