Vortex Island

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Vortex Island
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Mario listening to a Shy Guy talking about a tornado.

How to access Obtain the purple Mini Paint Star from Violet Passage
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Vortex Island is a location from Paper Mario: Color Splash. The path leading here is unlocked after getting the Purple Mini Paint Star from Violet Passage, and unlocks a path leading to Lighthouse Island. The Cork and Washing Machine Things can be found here, with the cork plugging the warp pipe to the parallel world, and the washing machine the source of the vortex.


After crossing the Lost Sea, the captain's ship is stuck because of the whirlpool. The Mini Paint Star is in the middle, leading to Lighthouse Island. The captain's ship heads to the island until the whirlpool stops.

The only way to stop the vortex is to go to the parallel world. The purple Toad will tell Mario and Huey about it before they can enter the parallel world. The entrance is in the garden, with a couple of colorless Toads and a colorless shirtless Toad. The Cork Thing is in the entrance pipe, with a piece of tape stuck to it. Mario needs to peel it off before he can pull out the Cork.

When Mario and Huey enter the parallel world, there are no Toads in the parallel world, but there are some Shy Guys that can be talked to instead. Boos and Dry Bones can be battled in the parallel world.

There is a door to where the vortex is located, but there are some posts that Mario needs to hit in the normal world before he can enter. The vortex happens to be a tornado in the parallel world, with the Washing Machine Thing making it in the parallel world. Mario needs to hit blocks in the parallel world to make a bridge in the normal world. Then Mario needs to hit the posts, and then go back to the parallel world again. The American and Japanese versions feature a laundry room with the Laundry Guy doing laundry, who attacks Mario after squeezing the Washing Machine. The European version features a sandy room with a couple of rocks. Once Mario squeezes the Washing Machine, a red Shy Guy battles Mario first. Once the Laundry Guy or Shy Guy is defeated, a Shy Guy 5-Stack battles Mario next that their clothes were inside. Then when Mario defeats them, a Koopa Troopa appears and tells Mario that its other shell was inside. After deafeating it, a Shady Sledge Bro appears and tells Mario that its scarf, gloves, and socks were inside.

After the battle and after returning back to the normal world, the vortex stops and the captain returns to the ship. Then Mario needs to talk to the helmsman to head to the Mini Paint Star and then grab it.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バイオ列島 うずしお島
Baio Rettō Uzushio Tō
Vio Archipelago Whirling Tides Island, doubles as a pun on the English word バイオレット "violet"
Spanish Isla del Vórtice Vortex Island
French (NOA) Île du Maelström Maelstrom Island
French (NOE) Île du maelström Maelstrom Island
German Strudelinsel Vortex Island
Russian Остров Водоворота
Ostrov Vodovorota
Vortex Island