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Barista Toad
A Toad from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)

Barista Toad is a character in Paper Mario: Color Splash. He initially runs the Prisma Café in Ruddy Road, located in the middle of the long stretch of road between the red Mini Paint Star and the dead-end. The first time Mario passes by this stand, it is open and busting, with a line of Shy Guys ordering from the barista. It is held up due to the Shy Guy in front being unable to order. Once Mario has cornered the runaway Paint Guy, the line is gone and the Shy Guys are sitting at the tables with their coffee. However, the barista tells Mario he is fresh out of everything and unable to sell him anything.

Before Mario has a chance to clear the level, four of the Shy Guys who ordered at this café pull up the road, rolling it out. The barista, still in his stand, can be seen panicking as it moves around. The umbrellas as well as the large fork on display fall off, nearly striking Mario. Once the road has been completely folded up, the barista floats down, hanging onto an umbrella. He finds his café is now directly above him, and starts worrying about a gimmick and title for his stand.

After Mario has smoothed out the path, the barista becomes angry and runs toward the Shy Guys responsible for messing up his stand. He begins jumping on the piece of road they are holding up, trying to teach them a lesson. He asks Mario to help him out. Once Mario jumps in synchronization with the barista, the Shy Guys are squished into paint, satisfying the barista, who then returns to his stand. However, he regrets doing this due to no longer having any customers.

Once he has talked to the Port Prisma barista, Mario receives a letter in the post office from the Ruddy Road barista, informing him he still has no customers and is looking toward hanging out together. If Mario returns to his stand and speaks with Barista Toad, he becomes excited at the idea of a customer before realizing it is Mario. Just then, the depressed Port Prisma barista passes by, attracted by the decor of Barista Toad's shop. When asked to switch places, he becomes shocked and thrilled at the idea of becoming the barista of a highly successful café, and happily accepts. The Port Prisma barista then gives Mario an Ice Flower card before the Ruddy Road barista leaves to work at Port Prisma. Following this, Barista Toad runs the Prisma Café in Port Prisma, much to his content.


Hello, Mario. It's the owner of Ruddy Road Café. I've got lots of free time on my hands because absolutely no customers are coming, as usual. Come and hang out sometime, OK? Your friend, Barista Toad


  • "Look, Mario. You may have saved all of our lives countless times, but that doesn't mean you can cut in line."
  • "Sorry, Mario. Had a huge lunch rush today, and we're fresh out of everything!"
  • "Maybe lay off the snooze button a bit, eh, big guy?"
  • "They rolled up Ruddy Road! My café is sky-high!"
  • "What am I supposed to do now? Someone probably already owns the trademark for Sky-High Café!"
  • "Can't you, I don't know, unroll the ground somehow, Mario?"
  • "Looks like it's stuck to the ground somehow. It's no use hitting it from this side."
  • "No one messes with my café and gets away with it!"
  • "Oh, Mario! Good timing!"
  • "Those masked guys may have tipped well, but I can't forgive them after what they did to my café."
  • "I'm trying to teach them a lesson, but I've been doing Pilates, so I'm not heavy enough to squash them."
  • "But I was thinking if we jump at the same time, we could give 'em a real stomping!"
  • "C'mon. Pleeeease?"
  • "The customer is NOT always right!"
  • "WOO! I feel so much better! Back to the café with me! Thanks, Mario!"
  • "You know, it felt good to smoosh those guys, but now I don't have any customers left."
  • "What's the point of having a café without customers? If a cup of coffee is brewed but not drunk, is it even coffee?"
  • "A customer! YEEEEEEAH! I haven't had a customer in ages!"
  • "Oh... Never mind. It's just you, Mario. Welp, that settles it. Time to close up shop and give up on my dream."
  • "UHHHHHHH... WHAT?! But the Prisma Café is world famous! You've got customers out the ears!"
  • "I mean, if you really want this place, then yeah - I'll trade with you!"
  • "Awesome! Starting today I'm the proprietor of the Prisma Café! I'm gonna work my stem off!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Toad barista
Proprietario della Caffetteria Prisma della Via Scarlatta
Barista Toad
Ruddy Road Prisma Café's owner