Mossrock Theater

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Mossrock Theater
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Huey excited about the circus
How to access Obtain the green Mini Paint Star from Green Energy Plant
Paint Stars MiniOrangePaintStarIcon.pngMiniPurplePaintStarIcon.pngMiniGreenPaintStarIcon.png
Things None
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“The fog's so thick, I can barely see my handles! Something could jump out at us, so let's proceed with caution.”
Huey, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Mossrock Theater is a location from Paper Mario: Color Splash. The path leading here is unlocked after getting the Green Mini Paint Star from Green Energy Plant, and unlocks a path leading to The Emerald Circus.


The level starts off with a road leading to a tree with a poster on it regarding The Emerald Circus. There is a colorless bush and colorless spot nearby, as well as a ? Block containing a Big KO Hammer and a Shy Guy hanging from a trapeze in the background. Ahead, there are few bushes with a few colorless spots, including a Green Toad who quickly gets scared and runs off. At the end of this section are two Ptooies walking in a circle and blowing spike balls.

At the start of the next section are one or two colorless spots as well as a ? Block containing a Fire Flower. As Mario walks ahead, two Ptooies come out of hiding and circle a colorless spot. Soon after, another couple of Ptooies appear, and a Shy Guy falls out of nowhere. Just up ahead is another poster advertising The Emerald Circus. To the right is a ? Block containing a POW Block, with another ? Block up to the left containing a Blazehammer. However, in the middle of this, two Dino Rhinos appear and start breathing fire, preventing Mario from passing through until at least one of them is defeated. Interestingly, there is a Shy Guy trapeze artist nearby who turns out to be the Shy Guy Mario talked to aboard the Sunset Express upon defeat.

Just ahead are two more Ptooies, one of which is blowing a crumpled Toad rather than a spike ball. After defeating the Ptooies, Mario must hammer him out to reveal that it is none other than a member of the red Rescue Squad. At the end of this section, Roller Guys start to appear, with a ? Block containing a Big Line Jump at the very end.

The next section is set up like a theatre, with a large curtain rising to reveal four Juggler Bros on a rope close in the background. They bow before proceeding to throw hammers at Mario as he tries to pass through the section. Mario is able to get by three Ptooies with well-timed jumps, but must get down and knock off the Roller Guys on the path above before he can move on. Nearby is another Emerald Circus poster hinting at Lemmy the illusionist. At the end of this area is a ? Block containing an Ice Flower and a rope Mario must simply pull to lower the curtain and hide the Circus Bros.

Following is another long, straight section with Roller Guys rolling toward the foreground. After the first Dino Rhino that appears is a ? Block. After that is a trapeze Shy Guy holding another member of the red Rescue Squad Mario must pull down. Midway through, immediately after the second Dino Rhino and ? Block, to the left is a secluded area with orange and purple Paint Stars and a colorless Toad in the middle; these Mini Paint Stars unlock shortcuts to Tangerino Grill and Lighthouse Island respectively, but are not required to progress the story. In that same area, Mario can use his paint hammer to reveal invisible stairs to the left leading to a ? Block high in the background.

If Mario makes it to the end of the second long section, there is another Emerald Circus poster advertising the Dino Rhinos. The next section is the second theatre-themed area with Juggler Bros on the ropes and Circus Bros behind the bushes in the background. At the bottom and to the right is a final poster with no useful information. To get through this section, Mario simply needs to pull the rope at the start of the area to pull down the curtain and get through about halfway. However, a Shy Guy then appears and pulls the rope again, raising the curtain to reveal the Pentabros, whom they must defeat to get the Paint Star and complete the level for good.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フカミドゥーリシアター
Fukamidūri Shiataa
Fukamidūri Theater, based on ふかみどり fukamidori, an alternate reading of 深緑 shinryoku, meaning dark green
Spanish Auditorio Aceituno Olive Auditorium
French Théâtre Mousse-sur-roche Moss-on-Rock Theater
Russian Болотный театр
Bolotnyy teatr
Swamp Theater


  • If Mario defeats the first fightable Shy Guy that rides on a flying trapeze, he will tell Mario that he is the Shy Guy that talked to him on the Sunset Express.