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“Oh, ho, ho! Death Claw? Not to worry. That's just a Science Claw, friend!”
Green Energy Plant researcher, Paper Mario: Color Splash
The Green Energy Plant from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Huey is caught in the claw's grip, while the researcher tries to remedy the situation.

The Science Claw is an item of machinery in Paper Mario: Color Splash. It is owned by the Green Energy Plant researcher, who houses it in the Green Energy Plant, where he does research and occasionally plays with it. When Huey attempts to enter the plant, the Toad pulls him in suddenly. However, when Mario enters, Huey is in the claw's grip, believing it is trying to drain his power. The Toad reassures him before introducing himself. After his explanation, Mario must pull Huey out of the claw's grip, as he is noticeably angry about this.

If Mario speaks to the researcher, he informs him he longs to do research while admitting he wants to play with his Science Claw. Interestingly, however, the claw seems to disappear after the electricity is restored and the plant is re-entered, with the Toad and his chair now in its position.

During the interlude/dance celebration at the return of the green Big Paint Star, the researcher appears in the plaza, moonwalking next to the stand with his Science Claw.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Artiglio della scienza
Science claw
Spanish (NOA) Garra de laboratorio
Laboratory Claw
Spanish (NOE) Garra de la Ciencia
Science Claw