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Sunset Express conductor
The Sunset Express conductor from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)

The Sunset Express conductor is a Toad that appears in Paper Mario: Color Splash. He is the conductor of the Sunset Express. He wears overalls over a light blue shirt, and he has some spots of oil or dust on him.

The Sunset Express conductor is first seen in Marmalade Valley, standing next to the Sunset Express. If Mario speaks to him, he will tell him that the train is scheduled to be decommissioned.

When the Sunset Express arrives at Kiwano Temple, the Sunset Express conductor can be found standing with the leader of the Blue Rescue Squad in front of the area of the track Mario had destroyed when he first went to Kiwano Temple. The Sunset Express conductor will yell at Mario, and then he will tell him that he is mad that someone broke the tracks. When Mario finds all of the members of the Blue Rescue Squad and they use their bodies as a substitute for the track, the Sunset Express conductor happily gets into the Sunset Express. After moving along the track a little bit, he and the train are crushed by a Thwomp. He tells the passengers to push the train to the Toad Trainworks.

At Toad Trainworks, the Sunset Express conductor can be found near the orange Mini Paint Star. If Mario speaks to him, he says that he doubts the Sunset Express will ever run again.

When the Sunset Express reaches Tangerino Grill after being repaired, the Sunset Express conductor will thank Mario for helping him reach their destination.

When the Sunset Express is hijacked by Larry Koopa, the Sunset Express conductor rides with Mario on a handcar to reach the train. During the Larry Koopa battle, the Sunset Express conductor helps Mario by stopping the Shy Guy that heals Larry by placing Hearts into the fire chamber on the train. Mario must defeat three waves of enemies so that the Sunset Express conductor can safely reach the cabin. If Mario does not defeat every enemy in one turn, they will attack the Sunset Express conductor and knock him back. If Mario uses a POW Block, the Sunset Express conductor will become crumpled, causing him to be unable to move for a turn. When he reaches the cabin, he will chase the Shy Guy off the train and take control of it.

When the train arrives at Starlight Cape, the Sunset Express conductor can be seen talking to a blue Toad. They decide that the Sunset Express should not be decommissioned. The conductor reappears during the "This Here's Paint Country!" dance, waving from a window in the right side of the plaza.

A Toad identical to the Sunset Express conductor, the Toad mechanic, appears in Paper Mario: The Origami King.


  • "Oh, hello, Mario! I don't suppose you've heard the news. My beloved engine here is scheduled to be decommissioned. I'm sad she's being put out to pasture, but we all get old eventually, don't we?"
  • "My beloved engine is starting to show her age. But, then again, so am I..."
  • "WHAT DO YOU WANT?! Sorry, I'm just ticked off about this situation with the tracks."
  • "This is a real soup sandwich. Who would do this? Who doesn't like trains?!"
  • "Anyway, I've got a passenger car back there full of hungry Toads who've been waiting for too long."
  • "If I get my hands on the numskull who destroyed my track... AGHHHHHHHHHH! The kind of scum who would do this is beyond redemption! Don't you agree, Mario?"
  • "Can you believe it? Some reckless numskull destroyed our tracks. Who does something like that?!"
  • "MY BEAUTIFUL ENGINE! Hold on, baby. We'll take you to Toad Trainworks and fix you up real nice."
  • "Attention, passengers! I have a tiny little favor to ask of you..."
  • "Thanks again for helping us get the train working, Mario! There was a small delay, but we've finally managed to get our passengers to their destination. Everyone's inside the restaurant enjoying delicious food with big smiles on their faces!"
  • "The passengers are probably inside the restaurant enjoying a delicious meal right now."
  • "Hey, what's going on here?! We finally show up, and the light is red!"
  • "A giant rockslide?! Panic, everyone! PANIC!"
  • "Once the rockslide is clear, we can pick up the carriages and head on to Starlight Cape. I feel terrible for our passengers... especially our VIP who's been with us since the restaurant. Please help us clear the rockslide as quickly as possible!"
  • "Mario! It's terrible! The VIP hijacked the engine as soon as they heard you were heading to Starlight Cape! But I think we can still catch him in my lightning-fast... handcar! We'll need you to start us off! Just hit the handle with your hammer. HARD!"
  • "We'll need you to start us off! Just give the handle a hefty WHACK!"
  • "Mario?! Are you really hoping to catch up with the train...on foot? Let's take the handcar!"
  • "Mario! Where are you going? We have to go after the Sunset Express!"
  • "We caught up with the train! Please hurry and stop that VIP, Mario!"
  • "Please hurry and stop that VIP!"
  • "If you ever want to go back to the station, just come let me know."
  • "Go back to the station?"
  • "Roger that! Back to the station!"
  • "Well, OK, I guess we won't go back to the station!"
  • "Here we are! I'll wait for you here. Hit the handcar's handle with your hammer when you want to go!"
  • "Hit the handcar's handle with your hammer when you want to go!"
  • "Wait!"
  • "This engine isn't yours to simply do weird stuff with as you please!"
  • "I'm going to the cabin to stop that Shy Guy! Cover me!"
  • "Owwwww... Must...reach...the cabin..."
  • "I-I'm not afraid! Mario, please continue to cover me."
  • " farther! I'm almost at the cabin!"
  • "Mario, I did it! I chased the Shy Guy out of the cabin! Now go give Larry the ol' what for!"
  • "Th-thanks, Mario. Please keep it up!"
  • "I'm all crumpled and I can't move... Mario..."
  • "The train is about to pull into Starlight Cape, our final destination. Please take all your personal belongings with you."
  • "We've arrived at Starlight Cape! You must be tired after the long trip!"
  • "Whew, we made it! It got a little dicey there, but I had fun! So, there should be a Big Paint Star around here somewhere... Let's see what we can find!"
  • "The engine is now in working order! I'm so glad! Let's take another trip together sometime, OK?"
  • "The engine is running like a dream today! No reckless speeding!"