Sea Captain Toad

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Sea Captain Toad
Sea Captain Toad.jpg
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
Not to be confused with Captain Toad.
“I've been stuck up on this mountain for days, longing for the open sea... See, I'm actually...Sea Captain Toad! I'll be tending to my ship by the port in Toad Town. Stop by and give me an "ahoy" on your next visit!”
Sea Captain Toad, Paper Mario: The Origami King

Sea Captain Toad is a Toad who first appears as an NPC and ally to Mario and Olivia in Paper Mario: The Origami King. He is distinguished from the other members of his species by his blue-spotted mushroom cap, white admiral hat, and turquoise scarf.


Sea Captain Toad is first encountered when Mario and his party arrive at Autumn Mountain, in their attempt to destroy the blue streamer. During King Olly's attack on the Mushroom Kingdom, he was folded into a fish, left to flap helplessly on the ground near the local tram platform. Upon his rescue, he thanks Mario and immediately departs to Toad Town, where his ship is docked.

From that point on, Mario has the freedom to venture into The Great Sea whenever he wants, though the number of areas he can access is limited. Nonetheless, Sea Captain Toad is still there to help Mario and Bob-omb recover the latter's spare fuse from The Princess Peach. Once it comes time for Mario and Olivia to chase after the purple streamer, the captain finds he can't go too far, due to the fog covering most of the map. He expresses his skepticism when Olivia mentions Captain T. Ode's Sea Chart, which can help them navigate the ocean, but he still takes them at their word and is eventually proven wrong when the ancient captain shows up, perching himself on top of the ship as the Super Marino is attached to the back.

Sea Captain Toad then helps the gang out for the rest of the chapter, mainly by sailing them around to the various islands. Curiously, whenever Mario enters the Great Sea, he will always find the ship docked right there, regardless of where he last docked it. After visiting Bonehead Island and clearing the fog, an engine upgrade becomes available for Sea Captain Toad's ship once he arrives back at Toad Town's pier, built by a couple of Monty Moles and a Toad mechanic; the captain expresses some concern at the increase in speed, but nonetheless allows the upgrade to take place.

Following the removal of all five streamers and the passing of King Olly, Sea Captain Toad returns to land and partakes in the Origami Festival at the end of the game. In a screenshot during the end credits, he is seen alongside Captain T. Ode on the Princess Peach.


  • Collectible Treasure description: The seafaring Toad who was folded into a fish. No more flopping at the helm!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 船乗りキノピオ
Funanori Kinopio
Sailor Toad
French Commandant Toad Captain Toad