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Sensor Lab
PMTOK Sensor Lab Exterior.png
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)

The Sensor Lab is a location in Picnic Road in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Its main use is to allow Mario to "fax travel" to satellite offices located in other regions, although the main lab (and a Warp Pipe just outside the lab that serves as a shortcut to Toad Town, just outside Musée Champignon) is not accessible until clearing the red streamer that is wrapped around it. When the Sensor Lab is visited for the first time, Mario can activate it by hammering the "yellow mushroom" on the fax printer, revealing the Toad Researcher. As thanks, he gives Mario the Toad Radar, along with a chance to test it. The Lamination Suit and Hidden Block Unhider are also invented at the Sensor Lab after entering Scorching Sandpaper Desert and transporting the Super Marino out of the Musée Champignon, respectively. These tools can be charged at a lab location for 500 coins each.

A Collectible Treasure of the Sensor Lab (No. 24) is found in a treasure chest right next to the building.

Satellite office locations[edit]

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Each satellite office is activated by filling a Not-Bottomless Hole to reveal its location, then going inside and pulling a researcher out of the receiving end of the fax printer he is stuck in.

  • In Autumn Mountain, by the bench near the Water Vellumental Shrine. Its interior is red.
  • In Shogun Studios, near a Ninji looking for a Straw. The Shogun Studios Master Key is required to access it. Its interior is blue. If Mario fax travels to this satellite office and exits the office, a staff Toad runs up to him to stop him from going any further and forcefully escorts him to the park entrance (even when Mario has a Lamination Suit on), showing Mario knocked off his feet afterwards.
  • In Scorching Sandpaper Desert, on a ledge to the south west of the tower. Its interior is green.
  • On ? Island, on a ledge with a treasure chest next to the door. Its interior is purple.
  • In Shangri-Spa, behind the entrance building. Its interior is white.

While Mario can fax travel from the Sensor Lab to any of its satellite offices and vice versa, he cannot fax travel directly between satellite offices.


  • Collectible Treasure No. 24: "A laboratory famous for the invention of fax travel, Toad Radar, and many other useful technologies."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese センサー研究所
Sensā Kenkyūjo
Sensor Laboratory
Dutch Sensorlaboratorium Sensor laboratory
Italian Centro di ricerca Reaserch center
Spanish (NOE) Laboratorio de detección Detection Laboratory