Overlook Mountain

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Overlook Mountain
Overlook Mountain
Toads 35
Not-Bottomless Holes 19
Collectible Treasures 5
? Blocks 9
Enemies Goombas
Shy Guys
Paper Macho Shy Guys
“Head for the red streamer! Oh, and enjoy all that intense mountain climbing.”
Olivia, Paper Mario: The Origami King

Overlook Mountain is a location in Paper Mario: The Origami King, a mountain road full of greenery. It is located in the red streamer district. The streamer's spool can be found in Overlook Tower, located atop the mountain. Overlook Mountain is north of Picnic Road. The four remaining Shell Stones can be found here.


At the start of the trail is a Red Toad disguised as a sign. To the left is a treasure chest guarded by two origami Shy Guys. To the right is a Not-Bottomless Hole, a ? Block containing Iron Boots, and an origami Spiny. To the right of this is a torn-out bench. Mario can use confetti to repair it, then sit on it to recover HP. Up the steps is a small garden area. There are a few grasshoppers nearby - when hammered, they are revealed to be Green Toads. There is also a tree Mario can hammer to drop down an origami Spiny, an origami Paragoomba behind a shrub, a ? Block containing a 100-Coin, and a Red Toad disguised as a beetle. To the left of this are a few Koopa Troopas gathered around a Monty Mole. They are auctioning off the green Shell Stone, which can be bought for as high as 10,000 coins or as little as 300. If Mario does not agree to 300 coins, a Koopa Troopa buys it instead, and the stone must be bought off him for 1,500 coins.

Just after this is a red, taped pipe. Mario can pull off the tape and enter the pipe to reach a special area, where various different pipes can be entered after being unlocked through exploration. Next to the pipe is a Red Toad trapped in a rock. There is a tree nearby with a hole in its trunk Mario can fix with confetti. There is a gap in the shrubs here Mario can walk through to get to a lower ledge with a Not-Bottomless Hole and a crumpled Red Toad. To the right is a bridge - when Mario starts to cross, an origami Goomba appears and summons a Paper Macho Goomba. Mario must let the Paper Macho Goomba run across the bridge, wait for it to walk back, and hammer the sticker on its back to weaken it. Once Mario defeats the Paper Macho Goomba, he can head left to find a Toad clinging to the wall. He must fill the Not-Bottomless Hole beneath him to rescue the Toad.

To the right is a Save Block in a bushy area. One of the shrubs moves a bit, and can be hammered to reveal an origami Goomba. Defeating it unlocks a Magic Circle, allowing Mario to use the 1,000-Fold Arms to pull off some of the north wall, revealing a wounded Dry Bones with the yellow Shell Stone. To the right, down the steps, there are some Toads stuck in the ground that can be pulled out. However, pulling out one of the Toads also reveals an origami Goomba, which chases him to the west side of the mountain. Down the next set of steps is a ? Block containing another 100-Coin. Here, there is a small dock with a Koopa Troopa, who has lost his lucky rock to a big fish. Mario must use the fishing rod to pull up the biggest origami Cheep Cheep, retrieving the blue Shell Stone. The Koopa Troopa tells him to keep it after realizing it belongs to the temple. Before leaving this area, Mario can head south to find a treasure chest in a small cave, containing a collectible treasure.

When Mario tries to scale the mountain some more, a set of origami Thwomps quickly appear and try to crush him. Mario must run out of the way, hammer a nearby tree to knock a Super Star off it, get invincibility, and run through the Thwomps, getting plenty of confetti in the process. To the right is a ? Block containing a 100-Coin. Up ahead, at the peak of the mountain, is a Toad Tram station wrapped up in the red streamer. Up to the left is Overlook Tower on a pile of dirt. Mario can head down to the left to reveal a soccer area with three Paper Macho Shy Guys playing soccer with the red Shell Stone. After these Shy Guys are defeated, the Toads start to happily play soccer themselves.

Upon clearing the Earth Vellumental Temple and unlocking the abilities of the Earth Vellumental, Mario and Olivia can return to the peak of the mountain to access the tower. After clearing the red streamer, they can use the Toad Tram to reach Autumn Mountain. The Toad Tram also connects Overlook Mountain to Toad Town.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミハラシ
Miharashi yama
Overlook Mountain
Chinese 观景山 (Simplified)
觀景山 (Traditional)
Guānjǐng Shān
Overlook Mountain
Dutch Panoramaberg Panorama Mountain
French Mont Belvédère
German Panoramaberg Panorama Mountain
Italian Monte Belvedere Mount Belvedere/Viewpoint
Spanish Monte Bellavista Beautiful View Mountain