Trial of Wisdom

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The Trial of Wisdom is the second temple located at Diamond Island that appears in Paper Mario: The Origami King.

This temple challenges Mario with three questions asked by a Shangri-Spa Toad statue. The player must defeat the Ice Vellumental first in order to gain access to the temple as there is water surrounding it. Once obtained, it can be accessed by freezing the water.

Once entered, the player is given two statements that they need to mark as true or false (indicated by a check and "X" mark respectively), followed by a final riddle with three choices (indicated by A, B, and C respectively). The questions it gives are based on previous experiences in the game. If the player picks the wrong answer, they will be sent back to the main room where they entered and must try again. If they failed at least two or three times, the Shangri-Spa Toad statue will ask the player if they want to make the challenge easier for 3,000 coins.

Once the player answers all three questions, they can obtain the Orb of Wisdom.

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