Club Island

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Club Island
Greater location The Great Sea
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
“Ah, an iconic, familiar club shape. I'll call this one...Club Island.”
Captain T. Ode, Paper Mario: The Origami King

Club Island is a location in Paper Mario: The Origami King, an island located in The Great Sea. It is charted in territory B-3 and indicated by a club icon on the map. There are no collectible treasures to be found here. There are, however, four Toads to be rescued, one Not-Bottomless Hole to be filled, and one ? Block to be struck.


Upon docking at this island, it is revealed the central area of Club Island is filled with tall grass, hiding enemies and coins. There is a folded Toad at the start Mario must hammer out. He "thanks" Mario by asking him to escort him to the relaxing spot on the other side of the island, requiring a simple, straightforward walk through the grass. After making it through, the Toad "thanks" Mario again by asking him to retrieve his three other friends stuck in the tall grass.

In this relaxation spot, there is one medium-sized Not-Bottomless Hole in the ground, a ? Block to the right containing a giant coin, and a statue in back indicating this island as one of the four suite islands. Additionally, there is a bench allowing Mario to recover his HP, as well as two small holes nearby containing a Shiny Fire Flower and Shiny Ice Flower. At this point, Olivia asks Mario if they have an item that would help them find the remaining Toads, referring to the Toad Radar. Fortunately, there is a Snifit stuck in a tree on this island. Mario can hammer the tree to get him down and have him refill the Toad Radar battery for 1,000 coins.

Mario can then use the Toad Radar to find the three remaining Toads, each in a different spot in the tall grass. Additionally, Mario must watch out for the enemies hiding in the tall grass, including origami Paragoombas, Hammer Bros, and Paratroopas. Notably, each Toad rescued from the grass has a different response to being held hostage by the folded soldiers. One is angry, one is nervous, and one is happy. Once the Toads are reunited, they reveal themselves to be the "FEELIN' FUNGI!", and give Mario a spot on the map to dive for treasure as reward for reuniting their troupe.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クラブ島
Club Island