? Island

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? Island
Q Block Island.jpg
Greater location The Great Sea
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
“A question mark. I see. Then I shall name this enigmatic isle...? Island. Hm. This one definitely works better on paper.
Captain T. Ode, Paper Mario: The Origami King

? Island is a location in Paper Mario: The Origami King, an island located in The Great Sea. It is charted in territory B-5 and indicated by a ? icon on the map. As the name would suggest, it features plenty of ? Blocks. Stone Spikes are introduced here, as well as a Paper Macho Stone Spike. Additionally, a Sensor Lab is located here.


At the start of the level, there are two Not-Bottomless Holes Mario has to fill in, with a palm tree he can hit to get confetti. Next, there is a slope with two origami Stone Spikes waiting at the top. They throw boulders one at a time and must be fought when Mario gets to the top. Along the way, there is a ? Block, the first of many on this island. After defeating the Stone Spikes, Mario can patch the Not-Bottomless Holes in the area and head north down the gentle slope into a secret cave. Here, there is a treasure chest containing Collectible Treasure #76: ? Block.

The ceiling here is made up of ? Blocks, with one lower block in the middle Mario can hit to reveal a POW Block on the surface. After exiting the cave, Mario can head toward here and hit the POW Block to quicken the Sidesteppers in the area and pop out the contents of every ? Block, such as coins, a Mushroom, and bags of confetti. Despite this, there are still a couple more ? Blocks on the island.

Rounding up to the top of the island, large, spiky rocks are thrown down at Mario, and are revealed to come from a Paper Macho Stone Spike. Mario must activate a ? Block and a Hidden Block to create steps allowing him to reach and destroy it. At the top of the island, there is a Not-Bottomless Hole blocking off a statue with a sign reading "Save me, a path to paradise." - this sign is actually a folded Toad Mario can hammer to reveal. After doing so, Mario can drop onto the lower ledge to find a treasure chest containing Collectible Treasure #77: Sea Captain Toad and a Not-Bottomless Hole serving as the door to a Sensor Lab, where another Toad can be rescued by pulling him out of the fax machine.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハテナ島
? Island
French Île du ? ? island