Canned-Food Par-tay Trio

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Canned-Food Par-tay Trio
The Canned-Food Par-tay Trio in Paper Mario: The Origami King
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
Member species
Bone Goomba
Sombrero Guy
“Let's have ourselves a super-duper canned-food par-tay to celebrate, shy oh my!”
Sombrero Guy, Paper Mario: The Origami King

The Canned-Food Par-tay Trio is a character group in Paper Mario: The Origami King composed of a Sombrero Guy, a Spike, and a Bone Goomba. They are all found in Autumn Mountain and enjoy sharing canned foods and spending time together. According to the Spike of the trio, the group met online.

When Mario and Olivia step out of the tall grass field, it is discovered Bob-omb is missing. As it turns out, he is with the Sombrero Guy at a small table southwest of the field. They are talking about their new friends before Bob-omb is escorted away.

After visiting the Water Vellumental Shrine, it appears someone is snoozing in the northwest patch of the field. This turns out to be the Spike, who has fallen asleep when looking for the party. Mario must take him to the Sombrero Guy, happy for his arrival. He is shown the can of ravioli he brought - they simply need the Bone Goomba to open it. The Bone Goomba, as it turns out, is in a conga line with various Folded Soldiers. Mario must defeat them and bring the Bone Goomba over to the gang. While the Spike and the Bone Goomba accompany Mario, they can also assist him in battle.

With all of the members returned, the Sombrero Guy is excited to get started. However, when it is revealed that the Bone Goomba forgot to bring the can opener, there appears to be a delay. Fortunately, the Bone Goomba is able to open the can using his teeth, and the party may begin.

With this, Mario must have the Bone Goomba open the Canned Tuna. He can also return later in the game with the Canned Heart and have him open it to receive a MAX UP Heart worth five additional HP.

The Canned-Food Par-tay Trio appears as the completed picture in level 1 of Ring Scramble in Shy Guys Finish Last.

In the final image shown during the credits, the trio appear hiding in the bushes at the right side of Peach's Castle.


  • Collectible Treasure No. 47: "Three great friends who love sharing canned food. Their latest party featured canned ravioli. Shy oh my!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese づめ☆パーティートリオ
Kanzume☆Pātī Torio
Canned Food☆Party Trio
Chinese (Simplified) 罐头☆派对三人组
Guàntou Pàiduì Sānrénzǔ
Can Party Trio
Italian Trio fiesta cibo in scatola Canned food fiesta trio
Spanish (NOE) Compadres de banquete Feast Pals