Sea Tower

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Sea Tower
Not-Bottomless Holes 18
Collectible Treasures 1
? Blocks 5
Enemies Koopa Troopas
Hammer Bros
Boomerang Bros
Fire Bros
Ice Bros
Sledge Bros

The Sea Tower is a location in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Located in space B1 on the Sea Chart, it is a tall tower that needs three Orbs to open. The Sea Tower contains elements of all the previous Vellumental areas: the Earth Vellumental Temple, Water Vellumental Shrine, Fire Vellumental Cave, and Ice Vellumental Mountain. Tape is battled atop the Sea Tower as the guardian of the purple streamer.


Mario must have visited Diamond Island and finished the three trials to obtain the Courage Orb, Wisdom Orb, and Power Orb and open the Sea Tower's doors. The purple streamer area's shortcut Warp Pipe back to Musée Champignon is located outside the tower. When interacting with the door, Mario has to place all three orbs in, and he can then enter the tower.

The first floor of the Sea Tower is styled after the Earth Vellumental and Water Vellumental. First, Mario has to jump across multiple expanding and retracting pillars. He comes across two idols resembling the Water Vellumental. A blue Sidestepper steals the Red Gem from the left statue and runs into a passageway. Following the Sidestepper leads Mario to an Earth Vellumental Temple area, with rising and falling pillars. Midway through the area, he must hammer two pillars out of the wall and jump on top of a protruding statue. Pulling some tape off of a pillar and filling in a Not-Bottomless Hole leads Mario through a doorway to the Water Vellumental Temple room. The Sidestepper runs between the front and back ends of the room, entering cracks in the wall that allow it to easily escape Mario. To trap the Sidestepper, Mario has to hammer the walls to lower Vellumental heads and cover the cracks, then catch the Sidestepper and recover the Red Gem. Once he puts it in the statue's eye, he can go up the stairs and onto the second floor.

On the way up the tower, Mario and Olivia observe Toads taped to the tower. After going up a moving platform, Mario arrives at an area dedicated to the Fire Vellumental and Ice Vellumental, with idols of them facing each other. A button on the back of the Fire Vellumental statue causes it to spit out a weak flame. To apply more force and melt the Ice Vellumental's ice teeth, Mario has to navigate to a Magic Circle and knock down a metal ball. Some stairs located south of the Fire Vellumental statue lead to an icy area, where Mario has to complete an ice-sliding puzzle like the ones in the Ice Vellumental Mountain. When the ice block slides to the right, Mario can hammer through the wall and enter a Fire Vellumental Cave room. To get to the other end, he has to jump across a group of tiles, repeating a sequence in reverse. This takes him to the Magic Circle, and after using the 1,000-Fold Arms, the path to the next floor is cleared.

Even more Toads are taped onto the tower as Mario climbs higher. When he reaches the top and steps on the elevator, Tape appears and challenges Mario. Once Tape is defeated, Mario can destroy the purple streamer's spool, unlocking access to the four Vellumental idols nearby. He must use each Vellumental's ability in front of its statue and then hit the button, causing it to rotate towards the center. When all the statues are facing the center, a path opens, and Mario and Olivia continue to Shangri-Spa.


Not-Bottomless Holes[edit]

Sea Tower
Three Not-Bottomless Holes are found after crossing the pillars: one on the ground near the Earth Vellumental room, one in the middle on the stairs, and one on the right wall.
A Not-Bottomless Hole is on the pillar in the Earth Vellumental room and must be filled in the progress.
A Not-Bottomless Hole is on the wall near one of the pillars.
At the end of the bridge leading to the Fire Vellumental and Ice Vellumental room is a Not-Bottomless Hole.
In the Fire Vellumental and Ice Vellumental room, two Not-Bottomless Holes can be found. One is left of the Save Block and the other is on the back wall.
Six Not-Bottomless Holes are in the sliding puzzle area, with some being hidden under clumps of snow.
A large Not-Bottomless Hole is on the back wall of the small puzzle reset room.
A Not-Bottomless Hole is on the back wall of the Fire Vellumental Cave room.
The Sea Tower's final Not-Bottomless Hole is on the wall outside after the second floor.

Collectible Treasures[edit]

Sea Tower
Collectible Treasure 94: Sea Captain Toad's Boat is in the Earth Vellumental room, behind a moving pillar.

? Blocks[edit]

Sea Tower
A ? Block with a Shiny Tail inside is located to the right of the dragon statues.
A ? Block with a POW Block is located to the left of the dragon statues.
A ? Block containing Coins is above the Earth Vellumental pillar with tape on it.
A ? Block containing Coins is found near the Fire Vellumental statue's button.
The final ? Block in the Sea Tower is found at the back end of the Fire Vellumental tile puzzle room.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウナバラタワー
Unabara tawā
Sea Tower
Spanish Torre Oceánica Oceanic Tower
French Tour du large
Dutch Getijdentoren
German Hochseeturm
Italian Torre degli Oceani Tower of the Oceans