Spade Island

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Sea Chart icon for Spade Island
Spade Island
Toads 5
Not-Bottomless Holes 1
? Blocks 2
Enemies Cheep Cheeps
“This one is unmistakably spade-shaped. We'll call it...Spade Island.”
Captain T. Ode, Paper Mario: The Origami King

Spade Island is one of 11 accessible islands in the Great Sea in Paper Mario: The Origami King. It is found in the northern part of the sea, charted in territory D-1 on the Sea Chart with a spade icon. This is one of the four suit islands to be found, along with Club Island, Diamond Island, and Heart Island. While there are no Collectible Treasures to be found on the island, there are five Toads to be rescued, only one Not-Bottomless Hole to repair, and two hidden ? Blocks to be revealed and struck.


Upon arriving at the island, Captain T. Ode notes its shape and names it accordingly. Once Mario and Olivia get off the boat and onto the dock, they discover a red Toad stuck in a large barrel in the center of the island. He asks Mario to find his friends, stuck in different places around the island. After Mario finds four other Toads, who insert themselves into the barrel, he must push each Toad into the barrel to break it open and free the red Toad. He thanks Mario for saving him and marks a spot on the Sea Chart where a treasure is to be found, which is actually located shortly southwest of this island. The red Toad then realizes his vest is missing, prompting his friends to cover him up in the meantime.

There is a stone Toad statue on the northern tip of the island. Mario can examine the statue to see a diagram indicating that this island forms a baseball diamond layout with three other islands, Spade Island corresponding to the second base.

Hidden Toads[edit]

After they return to The Princess Peach, these Toads are seen at the ship's bow; the red naked Toad is "causing a scene" while his four friends share a table by themselves. They are also depicted in a Collectible Treasure of a Spade Island Barrel (No. 83), which is found by diving at a spot marked by the red Toad.

The purple Toad is inside a small breakable barrel near the Toad statue. Mario must simply break the barrel to free the Toad.
The blue Toad is stuck to the back of a folding chair occupied by an origami Goomba. Mario must fold the chair (destroying the Goomba in the process) and then hammer the Toad to free him.
The green Toad is inside a coconut in a tree with two coconuts next to the Toad statue. Mario must hammer the tree to drop the coconuts that break open upon falling to the ground; the second coconut reveals the crumpled-up Toad. Mario must hammer the Toad to restore him.
The yellow Toad is in a Hidden Block. Mario must repair a Not-Bottomless Hole to reveal two barrels, find another Hidden Block next to those barrels, jump from those barrels onto another barrel, and jump on that barrel to reveal the hidden ? Block that he must hit to reveal the crumpled-up Toad. Mario must hammer the Toad to restore him.
The red Toad is stuck in a barrel. After four other Toads are rescued, they insert themselves into the barrel's slots. Mario must push each Toad deeper into the slot to break open the barrel, releasing the Toad.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スペード
Spade Island
Spanish Isla Pica
French Île du pique Spade Island
Dutch Schoppeneiland Spade Island
German Pik-Insel Spade Island
Italian Isola Picca Spade Island


  • The barrel that the red Toad is stuck in is based on the children’s game Pop-Up Pirate, where players stick swords into a barrel while trying to not make a pirate launch out of it.