Shy Guys Finish Last

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The logo
“Welcome to the show! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wish you were in the audience instead of onstage!”
Emcee Shy Guy, Paper Mario: The Origami King
Emcee Shy Guy, host of Shy Guys Finish Last

Shy Guys Finish Last is a game show featured in Paper Mario: The Origami King, located on the path to the Spring of Rainbows. The name of the show is based on the phrase "nice guys finish last". It is done in a similar manner to Snifit or Whiffit from the past two Paper Mario games, except it is hosted by Emcee Shy Guy and the audience is consisted of solely Shy Guys. The show is sponsored by Shangri-Spa, as shown in the outro.

The first time Mario comes here, he must take part in the show and reach 100 points. In subsequent visits, Mario is given the option to take part or skip the show and go straight to the Spring of Rainbows.

There are four different challenges, each with three different levels of difficulty. Level 1 awards 10 points, Level 2 awards 30 points, and Level 3 awards 50 points. If Mario reaches 100 points, he will be able to play the Sudden Death round. When the quiz show is replayed, Mario can go for a perfect game, where he must pass every challenge including Sudden Death to get the Quiz Master trophy.

List of challenges[edit]

The challenges of Shy Guys Finish Last

Ring Scramble[edit]

“Ring Scramble will test your ring control and your visual memory. Good luck!”
Emcee Shy Guy, Paper Mario: The Origami King

An image is displayed on the arena, which is scrambled. Mario must organize the rings to display the image correctly within a limited amount of moves in a limited time.

Language Name Meaning
Japanese くるくるえあわせ
Kurukuru Eawase
Round and Round Picture Matching
French (NOE) Anneaux mélangés Mixed rings
Italian Mischia anelli Mixed rings
Spanish Anillos mezcladores Mixing rings

Level 1[edit]

The image is of the Canned-Food Par-tay Trio. There are no slides, only rotations. Mario is given four moves and 40 seconds.

Level 2[edit]

The image is of Emcee Shy Guy. Sliding is involved for this one. Mario is given seven moves and one minute.

Level 3[edit]

The image is of Overlook Mountain. Mario is given six moves and one minute.

Race 'n' Place[edit]

“The Race 'n' Place game will test your eyesight and your memory. Good luck!”
Emcee Shy Guy, Paper Mario: The Origami King

A 100m footrace will be shown between four different species of the Koopa Troop. The species featured can be a Goomba, a Koopa Troopa, a Ninji, a Shy Guy, or a Snifit. Their ending results must be memorized.

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かけっこクイズ
Kakekko Kuizu
Race Quiz
French (NOE) Ruée des sbires Rush of minions
Italian Bulli sprint Sprint bullies
Spanish Carrera de secuaces Minion race

Level 1[edit]

The winner must be placed in a certain spot on the arena within 40 seconds.

Level 2[edit]

The one who finished at either second, third or fourth must be placed in a certain spot of the arena within 40 seconds.

Level 3[edit]

All contenders must be placed in a line formation on a certain column in the order they finished within one minute.

Ninji Skills[edit]

“Ninji Skills will test your dynamic vision tracking. Good luck!”
Emcee Shy Guy, Paper Mario: The Origami King

Several species of the Koopa Troop will be shown and then placed under blue boxes, and then shuffled around. The Ninjis must be memorized and placed within a blue box in the arena after they are shuffled, and only Ninjis must be in the box.

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハックンはどれだ
Hakkun wa Dore da
Which One is Ninji?
French (NOE) Talents de Ninji Ninji skills
Italian Scova Ninji Find Ninji
Spanish Técnica Ninji Ninji technique

Level 1[edit]

There will be one Ninji and four other different species. Mario has 40 seconds to pick his answer.

Level 2[edit]

There will be two Ninjis and four other different species. Mario has 40 seconds to pick his answers.

Level 3[edit]

There will be four Ninjis and two other different species, and will be shuffled for an even longer period of time. Mario has one minute to pick his answers.

Bath Math[edit]

“The Bath Math game will test your memory and your math skills. Good luck!”
Emcee Shy Guy, Paper Mario: The Origami King

Goombas will be shown entering and leaving a hot spring, and the number of Goombas that are in the spring at the end must be memorized. An equation that either adds or subtracts to that number must be placed in a line formation in a certain column, with a number or a +/- sign filling each space.

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おんせんクイズ
Onsen Kuizu
Hot Spring Quiz
French (NOE) Ça plouf de source It's springing up (wordplay on "ça coule de source", it goes without saying)
Italian Conta termale Termal count
Spanish Cálculo en remojo Soaking calculation/calculus

Level 1[edit]

The Goombas will move in and out at a slower rate. Mario has 40 seconds to make the equation.

Level 2[edit]

The Goombas will move in and out at a faster rate. Mario has 40 seconds to make the equation.

Level 3[edit]

Steam will cover the hot spring, preventing the Goombas inside from being seen. Mario has 60 seconds to make the equation.

Sudden Death[edit]

The Sudden Death round (if the song was My Heart's a-Burnin')

As the name implies, if Mario loses this round, he gets an instant Game Over. A song from earlier in the game will be played (Happy & Sappy, Go with the Flow, or My Heart's a-Burnin'), with one lyric replaced with a "?". Mario will be put in a cannon, and a path must be made for Olivia to traverse leading to the correct answer (the missing lyric) in a similar manner to a boss battle. The path must be made within three moves and one minute. If Mario clears the Sudden Death Round for the first time, he is rewarded with Collectible Treasure No. 108: Sudden Death Cannon; for each subsequent time, he is rewarded with 3000 coins.

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スペシャルクイズ
Supesharu Kuizu
Special Quiz
French (NOE) Le Casse Maskass Shy Guys Heist
Italian Tutto o niente All or nothing
Spanish Todo o Nada All or Nothing


Audio.svg Shy Guys Finish Last - The main theme of the show.
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Audio.svg Tell 'Em How It Works - Plays while the rules are explained and during the results.
File infoMedia:PMTOK Tell 'Em How It Works.oga
Audio.svg Today's Contestant - Plays when a category is selected.
File infoMedia:PMTOK Today's Contestant.oga
Audio.svg Try the Sudden Death Round - Plays when the Sudden Death Round is introduced.
File infoMedia:PMTOK Try the Sudden Death Round.oga
Audio.svg Ring Scramble - Plays during the Ringle Scramble game.
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Audio.svg Race 'n' Place - Plays during the Race 'n' Place game.
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Audio.svg Ninji Skills - Plays during the Ninji Skills game.
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Audio.svg Bath Math - Plays during the Bath Math game.
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Audio.svg Sudden Death - Plays during the Sudden Death round.
File infoMedia:PMTOK Sudden Death.oga
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘイホー no Hey! ヘイホー
Heihō no Hey! Heihō
Shy Guy's Hey! Shy Guy (pun on "hey" and Heihō, Shy Guy's Japanese name)
French (NOE) Le Quiz Maskass The Shy Guy Quiz
German Sei nicht Shy, Guy Don't Be Shy, Guy
Italian Tipo Timido Show Shy Guy Show
Spanish Desafío Shy Guy Shy Guy Challenge