Spring of Jungle Mist

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Spring of Jungle Mist
Not-Bottomless Holes 3
Collectible Treasures 4
? Blocks 2
Enemies Paper Macho Chain Chomp
Paper Macho Piranha Plants
Piranha Plants
Jumping Piranha Plants
Nipper Plants

The Spring of Jungle Mist is a location in Paper Mario: The Origami King, one of the five hot springs found at Shangri-Spa. This is by far the most exclusive spring offered at the resort, found at the very end of the jungle area northwest of the plaza. Due to its location, several customers are unable to visit this spring. However, Mario is required to use this spring along with the four others and fill out a Stamp Card to earn the Spring of Rainbows - VIP. The spring itself is described as extra effective against dirt and spots. Mario's HP fully gets restored upon soaking in the spring. Although the spring is able to clean the grime off Bowser Jr. and his Junior Clown Car, it also removes their color, along with most of their energy. As such, this spring cannot be used on return visits, as Olivia will remind Mario of what happened to Bowser Jr., and Mario will then jump out instantly. There are no Toads in need of rescue here.


The Spring of Jungle Mist can be visited in any order corresponding with the other springs, though it takes quite a while to clear. It is found at the very end of the jungle section northwest of the plaza. Normally, there is a bridge providing a shortcut directly to the ladder leading to the spring. However, the bridge has been destroyed, preventing them from cutting across. Fortunately, there is a small passage off to the left. Everything goes well until a fork appears in the road. Kamek insists they go left, while Olivia suggests they head right. Mario must take Kamek's advice and follow left, as going right leads to a dead-end as well as an enemy ambush. A little while later, the roads separate once more. This time, Olivia suggests they go left, while Kamek decides to go right. Again, Mario must listen to Kamek and take the path to the right, as going left leads to a log falling over and blocking their path.

As Mario and the gang are crossing over to the other side of a tree, they are nearly devoured by the Paper Macho Chain Chomp lunging in from the background. This beast proceeds to devour the Ptooies down below. Kamek notes its power and intimidation, making it a good present for Bowser. Olivia, on the other hand, is just thankful they didn't take a wrong turn earlier on. However, taking a wrong turn now will result in a dead-end, the Paper Macho Chain Chomp catching them off guard, and an instant Game Over. To avoid this fate, Mario must side with Kamek when the one road turns into three. Although it does not eat them right away, the Paper Macho Chain Chomp does pop out of the bushes and chase after them. They are able to block him off when he is caught in a branch, but must hurry along before he escapes.

At this point, Mario has made it to where the bridge would normally take them. Olivia asks how Kamek managed to guess the correct path every time - he explains it had to do with process of elimination and taking the odds against their suggestions. Because of this, Olivia insists she played a large part in helping them get out safely due to always guessing incorrectly. Mario must fix the ladder nearby and climb up the large tree. Just as they are walking along the route, Kamek suddenly dashes ahead. Shortly after, the Paper Macho Chain Chomp appears and starts chasing after them. Mario and Olivia escape, though barely. Once they are all safe to rest, Olivia becomes angry with Kamek for not warning them. Kamek explains he is more used to having people yell at him.

Just after this, the Paper Macho Chain Chomp appears again and both Kamek and Olivia run ahead of Mario - they must use a vine at the end to swing away from the Paper Macho Chain Chomp and reach the spring on the other side. Kamek jokes about Olivia being a hypocrite, telling her it is easy to act without thinking when under pressure. However, all of their hard work in making it to this point seems meaningless as the plug is missing, preventing them from being able to use the spring. Mario must slip behind the spring, find the drain, and hammer it into position. After they rest for a while, they are able to use the spring. Although it does wonders for cleaning out their grime, it also absorbs all of Bowser Jr.'s colors when he stays in for too long. Kamek is very angry and decides to lodge a complaint - fortunately, they are able to use the stamp booth nearby to stamp their card and get closer to accessing the Spring of Rainbows. Once they are done, they must speak with the Spike southwest to get flung back to the entrance.


The starting area is small and bare - no enemies, obstacles, or items. There appears to normally be a bridge acting as a shortcut to the spring, but it is broken down and cannot be used. Mario must head to the left to find a hidden tunnel leading into the jungle. He can use his hammer to destroy any shrubs in their way. After a moment, they reach their first fork in the road. Mario must take the road left to another fork shortly after that. Mario must now head right along the path for a while. In the middle of the path, there is a small, covered opening to a hidden area. Here, Mario can play a round of memory match to earn items and weapons, and perhaps a Collectible Treasure.

The road ahead leads to an open area with no discernible exit. Mario must defeat a Ptooie in back holding the shard to a Magic Circle. This causes the Magic Circle to appear nearby, allowing Mario to use the 1,000-Fold Arms to move on. After a stressful moment, they reach a small area with three paths. Mario must take the road on the left to avoid certain death with the Paper Macho Chain Chomp. Taking the correct path still causes it to appear and chase after them. It becomes stuck for a moment, allowing to move ahead safely for a while.

The following area has two leaves in it. Mario must flip them over to reveal a Magic Circle in front of the ladder, allowing him to use the 1,000-Fold Arms to pull it down. They are able to start scaling the treetop, climbing ladders and running away from the Paper Macho Chain Chomp along the way. There is a vine at the end taking them all the way over to the spring. As it is out of function, Mario must sneak behind it, discover a Magic Circle and use the 1,000-Fold Arms to hit the plug out of the branches, into the spring. He may then hammer it into place, allowing it to slowly refill.


Not-Bottomless Holes[edit]

There is a Not-Bottomless Hole in the ground near the start of the level.
There are several Not-Bottomless Holes in the walls and ground of the final ground-level section.
There is a Not-Bottomless Hole in the stump with the Collectible Treasure chest.
Southwest of the stump is a Not-Bottomless Hole below a ? Block.
There is a Not-Bottomless Hole in the side of the treetop below the second ladder.

Collectible Treasures[edit]

Along the second correct path, there is a hidden area with leaves scattered about. Mario must hammer the leaves to correctly match up the items displayed on the backside. Flipping two specific leaves reveals a Magic Circle, allowing Mario to use the 1,000-Fold Arms to rummage for a treasure chest in the tree. He may pull it down and open it to receive Collectible Treasure #104: Bowser Jr. CollectibleTreasure-104.png
In the middle of the second correct path, atop a large stump, is a treasure chest containing Collectible Treasure #105: Sweet Sap Loggins. CollectibleTreasure-105.png
Somewhere along the final ground-level area is a treasure chest containing Collectible Treasure #106: Stamp Booth. CollectibleTreasure-106.png
After climbing the second ladder, Mario must head all the way to the left to find a small, hidden area with a treasure chest containing Collectible Treasure #107: Kamek. CollectibleTreasure-107.png

? Blocks[edit]

There is a ? Block southwest of the chest containing Collectible Treasure #105: Sweet Sap Loggins. This block contains a pair of Legendary Iron Boots. SpringofJungleMistBlockA.jpg
There is a ? Block next to the Ptooie holding the shard to a Magic Circle. This block contains a sack of gold worth 1,000 coins. SpringofJungleMistBlockB.jpg
There is a Hidden Block above the Not-Bottomless Hole in the southeast region of the bottom of the tree. This block contains Legendary Boots. SpringofJungleMistBlockC.jpg
After climbing the first ladder, Mario must head right to find a ? Block containing a Flashy Mushroom. SpringofJungleMistBlockD.jpg
After climbing the second ladder, Mario must head across the branch to the left to a ? Block containing a sack of gold. SpringofJungleMistBlockE.jpg

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOA) Fuente de la Selva
Spanish (NOE) Fuente de la Espesura
French Source de la jungle Jungle Spring
Dutch Junglebron Jungle Spring
German Quell des Urwaldes Spring of the Jungle
Italian Fonte della giungla Source of the jungle


  • If Mario returns to the spring, the Shy Guy and Spike in the area will be drained of their color. When talked to, they both deny soaking in the spring.