Toad Researcher

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“Sensational! You found me, Mario! This is perfect! I've finally found a suitable tester... See, I'm the head researcher here at the Sensor Lab. We develop technology capable of detecting all kinds of things that are otherwise difficult to see. Sensor tech is changing the world! We're breaking conventions and shifting all manner of paradigms!”
Toad Researcher, Paper Mario: The Origami King
Toad Researcher
Toad Researcher in Paper Mario: The Origami King
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)

Toad Researcher is a supporting character in Paper Mario: The Origami King. He is the head researcher of the Sensor Lab headquarters located on Picnic Road. He provides Mario with three different gadgets throughout the game, unlocked at different points in the story. These items are the Toad Radar, Lamination Suit and Hidden Block Unhider.

The Sensor Lab is unable to be accessed at first due to the red streamer wrapping itself around the building. Once the red streamer has been cleared, Mario can return to and enter the lab. He must hammer the yellow origami Mushroom sitting on the fax machine to reveal the researcher. He recognizes Mario as a suitable tester, explaining his plans for sensor technology, used to identify hidden objects, including Toads and ? Blocks. He shows Mario the Toad Radar, used to detect Toads in need of rescue. He simply asks Mario to hop down a Warp Pipe into the testing facility, allowing him to use this new ability. Afterward he explains how the Toad Radar, like his other creations, runs out of battery quickly and must be recharged in the main Sensor Lab.

Once the Sensor Lab in Scorching Sandpaper Desert has been visited, Mario is able to return to the main Sensor Lab in time for the researcher's proclamation of a new invention. He shows Mario the Lamination Suit, used to make him hidden rather than detecting other hidden objects. Again, he asks Mario to test it, and is surprised by the satisfactory results. He gives Mario the prototype, allowing him to continue his tests.

Additionally, once the Super Marino has been moved into The Great Sea, Mario may return to the Sensor Lab headquarters in time to witness the researcher's third and final creation. Yet again, he requests Mario test the design in the training facility. Once the test is successful, Mario receives the Hidden Block Unhider. The researcher realizes his work is finished and contemplates a new hobby, such as origami. From here on, Mario is still able to speak to the researcher, test each gizmo, recharge his gadgets, and use the fax machine here and in the surrounding Sensor Labs.

A picture of the Toad Researcher can be seen in the Dress-Up Photo Studio at Shogun Studios.


  • Collectible Treasure No. 33: "The inventor of Toad Radar, fax travel, and other useful inventions. Shifts paradigms like it's going out of style!"


  • "Sensational! You found me, Mario! This is perfect! I've finally found a suitable tester... See, I'm the head researcher here at the Sensor Lab. We develop technology capable of detecting all kinds of things that are otherwise difficult to see. Sensor tech is changing the world! We're breaking conventions and shifting all manner of paradigms!"
  • "Because you've shown an aptitude for Toad detection, I shall let you test our new creation...Toad Radar! With this little beauty, you can suss out hidden Toads without suffering even a single crease in your brow!"
  • "*ahem* Testing! One-two! One-two! Can you hear me, Mario? Let me walk you through a quick test of the Toad Radar."
  • "Can you feel the device on your head? As you may have guessed, that's the Toad Radar!"
  • "The dish will scan the area and react to any hidden Toads you may be facing."
  • "The closer you are to a potential Toad, the stronger the Toad Radar will react. When you think you've found one, try whacking nearby objects with your hammer to unfold the Toad!"
  • "This advanced level of detection uses a MASSIVE amount of power, so the battery will drain quite fast. No power, no Toad Radar. Got it? Keep an eye on your battery!"
  • "OK! That's enough explanation. Let's run some actual tests!"
  • "Amazing! It works! Thanks to you, our test was a total success."
  • "Oh. Oh dear. You ran out of power."
  • "Sensational. I've truly outdone myself this time... Ah! Mario! Join me in a little thought experiment, won't you? What if, rather than detect unseen objects...we were to create a device that makes YOU undetectable? You needn't wonder! Feast your eyes, while you can, upon...the Lamination Suit! Wearing this will make it easier for you to sneak by enemies! BOOM! Another paradigm shifted!"
  • "OK, Mario. Let's have you try the Lamination Suit on for size."
  • "Do you see? Or rather, do you NOT? The suit turned you transparent! Now you'll be able to sneak by your enemies undetected. It's a clear path to victory!"
  • "Be careful not to bump or brush against any foes. That would reveal your position! Enemies with sharpened senses will see right through this trick...rather than seeing right through you. Ha!"
  • "Just like the Toad Radar, the suit's battery will drain rather quickly. Keep an eye on your power!"
  • "Enough gabbing. Time to put this see-through suit to the test!"
  • "You made it through all of the tests! Nice work, Mario!"
  • "Ah! The Lamination Suit makes you invisible to Folded Soldiers, but touching them will give you away!"
  • "At long opus is complete. My work has reached its zenith. My Hidden Block Unhider will turn nearby hidden blocks into regular, unhidden blocks! We've taken this paradigm and HURLED it into the lake of progress! BEGONE, PARADIGM!"
  • "Hop down that pipe and I'll give you a quick primer on how to work the [gadget]."
  • "I must say, that went exceedingly well. The Toad Radar didn't even explode this time! How lucky! All that remains before certification is a robust field test. Go out into the world, Mario! Use the Toad Radar to rescue some hapless, folded Toads!"
  • "Yet another explosion-free test! This may be our longest streak ever! We're free to advance to the field test for this item as well. As I mentioned in the test, more- powerful foes may still sense your presence. Be careful out there!"
  • "We have shifted every existing paradigm. A new era of superior sensory apparatus is dawning. You know what to do, Mario. Take this Hidden Block Unhider with you! Find every ? Block out there! Most importantly, if it explodes... do NOT tell anyone. I've already sent some rather boastful faxes."
  • "Are you ready to learn the secrets of the Hidden Block Unhider, Mario?"
  • "The device on your head looks familiar, doesn't it? The Hidden Block Unhider shares its design with the Toad Radar... and it's similar to operate!"
  • "The device will alert you if and when you're facing a hidden block..."
  • "As you get closer, it will give you stronger and stronger reactions. Try jumping right there, Mario."
  • "Aha! A hidden block has appeared! Welcome to the visible world, you slippery cube, you! When you know you're close, a simple jump or swing of your hammer should do the trick."
  • "Like our other devices, the battery is going to run out sooner or later. Just keep an eye on the meter!"
  • "OK! Let's hunt for some blocks!"
  • "Incredible job, Mario! There isn't a block in the world that can outwit you now!"
  • "When the battery runs out, you can use our proprietary device charger to juice it back up! However... Its use requires a MODEST donation. Power isn't cheap, and funding is hard to come by..."
  • "My work here is incomplete. There are paradigms yet unshifted, so... back to it!"
  • "Would you like to test the [gadget]?"
  • "Want to go one more round with the [gadget]? No rush!"
  • "Aha! I sensed you'd be back for more, Mario! Which of my creations would you like to test today?"
  • "I sensed...wrong? Oh, dear me. This will require some serious recalibration. If you change your mind, our doors are always open for testing!"
  • "Would you like to visit our satellite office at [location]?"
  • "Which satellite office would you like to visit?"
  • "Ah, I'm afraid that office is being unresponsive. Perhaps there's a paper jam on the other end?"
  • "Care for a refresher on how to use our Toad Radar?"
  • "Care for a refresher on how to use our Lamination Suit?"
  • "Care for a refresher on how to use our Hidden Block Unhider? "
  • "My work is finally complete. what? I guess I could...find a new hobby? Maybe I'll learn how to fold origami..."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Toad chercheur en chef Toad Chief researcher
German Toad-Forscher Toad Researcher
Italian Ricercatore Toad Toad Researcher
Spanish (NOE) Toad investigador Toad Researcher