Know-It-All Toads

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"Know-it-All Toad" redirects here. For information about the guru Toad in Paper Mario: Color Splash, see Know-it-All Toad (Paper Mario: Color Splash).
Know-It-All Toads
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First appearance Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (2015)
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The Know-It-All Toads are a group of Toads that appear in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.

Every Know-It-All Toad can be found at or near a Toad village, usually near each red-capped Toad House with white spots, and are usually distinguished by ellipses over their heads. When spoken to, they begin by bragging about how smart they are in the region they inhabit, and ask if Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario can match wits with them in a quiz. If the trio agrees, this initiates a mission in which they must answer from a random pool of questions chosen by that specific Know-It-All Toad. In Normal Mode for all five missions, the trio must answer three out of five questions correctly with no time limit; in Hard Mode for all five missions, the trio must answer all eight questions correctly under a time limit of ten seconds per question. If the trio passes a Normal Mode quiz for the first time, the respective Know-It-All Toad admits defeat (while usually unable to hide their jealousy), and rewards the trio with three of a certain variety of Bean.

Missions involving Know-It-All Toads[edit]


  • "What question are we on?" is the only question used by all five Know-It-All Toads.