Trio Racquet

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Trio Racquet
Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario attacking Goombas with Trio Racquet.
BP/SP/CP needed 6
Location Sunbeam Plains
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Paper Jam description Press the characters' buttons (A Button, B Button and Y Button) to hit the ball back at the wall. Return each hit and then press the character buttons in order to do a special attack!

Trio Racquet is the first available Trio Attack for Paper Mario in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. After the brothers collect all Paper Toads for the first time outside the castle, the Paper Toads create a folded giant hammer for Trio Attack, and a Toad delivers that to the bros in which Paper Mario gains this option to battle enemies. It costs 6 BP and is the only Trio Attack in the game that is not initiated with the Y Button button, instead being initiated with the B Button button.

When the attack is initiated, a wall appears and sticks the enemies to it. Luigi takes out a black ball and serves it with the B Button button. The trio must then use their corresponding button (A Button for Mario, B Button for Luigi, and Y Button for Paper Mario) to hit the ball. They then rally the ball against the wall, damaging the enemies in the process. The ball increases in speed the longer the brothers rally the ball, and the attack ends when a brother misses the ball at a pivotal moment, or misses twice altogether. After seven hits, the ball lobs toward either Mario or Paper Mario, while also increasing in speed and size. The attack ends in two different ways: if Mario gets the final hit, he spins and strikes the ball with his racquet. If Paper Mario gets the final hit, he folds himself into a Japanese paper fan and hits it.

Striking three, five, seven and ten times with the squash will yield an "OK", "Good!", "Great!" and "Excellent!" rating respectively.


  • Instruction manual bio: "The three characters use rackets to bounce a ball off a wall, dealing damage to multiple enemies."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トリオスカッシュ
Torio Sukasshu
Trio Squash
French (NOE) Raquette trio Trio Racket
German Trio-Squash Trio Squash
Italian Racchetta trio Trio racket
Spanish (NOA) Squash Trío Trio Squash
Spanish (NOE) Frontón Trío Trio Fronton (Fronton is a popular sport in Spain.)