Trio Whirligig

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Trio Whirligig
Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario exectuing the Trio Whirlgig attack.
BP/SP/CP needed 11
Location Mount Brrr
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Paper Jam description Use the Circle Pad to steer your characters around the spiral. You can press Y to dive faster. Pass through as many rings as possible, and try to collect all the enemies. You collect enemies simply by ploughing through them on your way down. The same goes for the rings. Aim for them and dive through! At the bottom, press A just as you reach each platform to punch through. The number of rings you hit determines how many platforms there will be at the end.

Trio Whirligig is the third Trio Attack in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. It becomes available for Paper Mario to use after completing all initial Paper Toad missions in the Mount Brrr Lakitu Info Center. It costs 11 BP and targets all enemies at once.

Once the attack is initiated, a giant cylinder appears with the enemies floating down inside as pieces of paper. After pressing Y Button, Paper Mario folds into a propeller, which Mario and Luigi grab onto.

Making their way down, the player has to move them around the cylinder with Circle Pad to catch the enemies and pass through the middle of the rings on the descent. Each ring speeds up their fall, and they then need to press A Button to blast through the paper platforms at the bottom. Smashing through one gets an OK rating, two a Good Rating, three a Great Rating and pressing A Button at the very bottom an Excellent rating (setting the enemies on fire in the process, however, this does not do critical damage to paper enemies). Pressing Y Button in the process of falling down will give a speed boost to dive down. In Attackathon, the boost will give the player bonus points for each dive the player does.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トリオダイブ
Torio Daibu
Trio Dive

French (NOE) Piqué trio
Trio Nosedive (also a pun with piquer, to prick)
German Trio-Tornado
Trio Tornado
Italian Trottola trio
Trio spinning top
Spanish Tornado Trío
Trio Tornado