Dash Socks

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Dash Socks
A pair of white socks.

First appearance

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (2015)

Effect on player

Allows the Mario Bros. to run on land.

The Dash Socks are an item in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario get them from a trio of Paper Toads in Sunbeam Plains. They are activated by holding X Button after using a Trio Jump. The Dash Socks can be used to bloom Spinny Flowers for Coins, use catapults found within Sunbeam Plains, and catch characters who run away from the Mario Bros., such as other Paper Toads and Nabbit. Dashing into an enemy in battle initiates a First Strike in which all three dash straight into the field enemy on the battle screen and inflict damage. However, dashing into a spiked enemy will cause the Mario Bros. to take damage.