Trio Grab

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The Trio Grab in action

The Trio Grab is the third Trio Move learned in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. It can be used mainly to grab objects the trio cannot reach on their own and pull back hooks to open bridges.

During the events of the game, Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario are kidnapped and taken to Twinsy Tropics Dungeon. They encounter a large door that can only be unlocked with a key they find is on the other side of a short bridge with a sign concerning its stability. When the trio attempts to cross it, the bridge collapses and the trio are sent plummeting, but Mario and Luigi climb up with Paper Mario in the middle with his body folded. This gives Luigi the idea to create the Trio Grab, which can be activated when the player presses R Button and presses A Button, B Button, and then Y Button to form into a stack. The player can then press Y Button to grab items in front of them, open bridges and latch onto poles across large gaps and bring themselves over to the other side. To return to normal, the player must press A Button or B Button to exit the Trio Grab.

After the Trio Grab is learned, the R Button icon must be pressed twice or the icon can just be touched on the bottom screen to activate the Trio Grab immediately.