Trio Attack

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Not to be confused with Trio Move.
Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario about to attack Goombas with a Trio Attack.

Trio Attacks are special methods of attacking, like Bros. Attacks, that are utilized by Paper Mario in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. These attacks require Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario to work together to attack enemies.

Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario learn five Trio Attacks through their adventure. Trio Attacks use up Paper Mario's Bros. Points; each one uses between 6 and 15 points. They are brought to the Bros. by Toads as a special delivery from Peach's Castle after certain points in the story have been passed.

When used, they cause the trio to use the Trio Attack Hammer to flatten the enemies into paper form before performing the chosen attack. Almost all Trio Attacks (with the exception of Trio Racquet) are initiated by Paper Mario (The Y Button button). The majority of the attacks, with the exception of Trio Kite, target all enemies simultaneously, similarly to the Luiginary Attacks in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Trio Attacks are also affected by any status effects that Paper Mario may have at that point, with certain ones limiting the amount of copies that can be in play at any one time.

During the final battle, Shiny RoboBowser is able to counter any Trio Attack while his armor is still in good enough shape. He also uses a Trio Attack-style attack immediately afterwards if Mario and the gang try to hit him with one when his helmet isn't destroyed.

Additionally, the Attackathon found in the arcade at the Lakitu Info Center features a Trio Attack endurance arcade game.

List of Trio Attacks[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トリオアタック
Torio Atakku
Trio Attack
Russian Триплет