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The Attackathon's menu.

The Attackathon is a game found in the Arcade in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. Much like the Cholesteroad from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and the Mad Skillathon from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, the Attackathon consists of several endurance minigames involving Bros. Attacks or Trio Attacks.

There are four ranks the player can achieve: C (0 to 999 points), B (1000 to 1999 points), A (2000 to 2999 points), and S (3000 points or more). Unlike in the previous two games, prizes are not earned via the minigames themselves; instead, achieving A rank or higher rewards the player with expert points, which can then be used to purchase special gear.

List of attacks[edit]

Bros./Trio Attack Challenge Description A-Rank Points (2000) S-Rank Points (3000)
Trio Racquet Hit targets with the ball to score points. Use A Button, B Button and Y Button to swing your racquet. Pay attention to the targets you're hitting! The ball will slow down if you hit a Cheep Cheep and it will speed up if you hit a Ninji. Watch out! If you hit a Boo, the ball will disappear completely! 15 60
Trio Whirligig Collect the spiralling cards using Left/Right on the Circle Pad. Then press A Button to rip through the paper barriers and move on. Look out for cards with star icons to earn the most points! If you miss 3 cards, the game will end. Avoid the whirlwind - it will blow away all the cards you've collected. And if you hit a Fire Bar, your game will go up in smoke! 15 60
Trio Shuriken Use the Circle Pad to aim for the falling cards, and then throw shuriken using A Button or B Button. As your shuriken hits the card, press Y Button to rip through it and earn points. Cards with an M icon can be scored only by Mario, and ones with an L icon can be scored only by Luigi. Hitting a card with a POW Block icon will score all of the cards on the screen at once. Cards with the clock icon will stop time briefly. Hitting a card with a Bowser icon is the same as letting a card fall to the ground. In between rounds, giant enemies will appear. You only get one shot, so try to hit as many as you can! Aim carefully! If 3 cards hit the ground, the game will end. 45 180
Cannonball Chuck Press A Button to begin swinging the cannonball, and then press A Button again to release it. You get 5 tries to pop as many balloons as possible. Use the Circle Pad to aim the cannonball in the air, and aim for the flying balloons to increase your score multiplier. Watch out for the Parabombs, and be sure to correct for wind. If you miss the target completely, the game will end. 30 120
Mega Thwonk Press B Button each time one of Luigi's feet touches the ground. You'll score points and build power with each successful foot strike. As you approach a fortress, press A Button to swing Luigi's hammer. If you've built up enough power, you'll destroy it and move on. Watch out for mud puddles! The timing of Luigi's footsteps will slow down. When enemies appear, press A Button at the right time to avoid them. The game ends if you run into an enemy or fail to destroy a fortress. 100 400
Toad Trail Use the Circle Pad to help Mario and Luigi navigate along the rails. Be sure to press forward at all times! You can jump over gaps in the rail by pressing A Button. At the end of the line, you'll have a chance to speed up even more by passing over several Dash Panels. If you hit all the Dash Panels, you'll have a chance to smash a big target at the end for even more points. If you miss a Dash Panel or run into a Thwomp, your run will end. Pick up bonus points along the way by smashing the smaller targets. How many can you hit? 100 400


  • Instruction manual description: "Play remixed versions of Bros. Attacks and Trio Attacks to see how high a score you can get."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Attaccathlon