Mad Skillathon

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Mad Skillathon
The Mad Skillathon in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

The Mad Skillathon is a talent show event held in Wakeport in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Much like the Cholesteroad in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and the Attackathon in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, it consists of a series of endurance minigames involving Bros. Attacks. Skillit acts as the host for the Mad Skillathon.

There are three ranks the player can achieve, and like in the Cholesteroad, the player can earn prizes for achieving each rank: B rank (200 points) which awards the player 100 coins, A rank (500 points) which awards the player 300 coins, and S rank (800 points) which awards the player with an exclusive piece of gear. Each minigame automatically stops upon reaching 999 points. When S rank is obtained for all attacks, the player is awarded with the Pro Wear.

List of attacks[edit]

Bros. Attack Challenge Description S-Rank Prize
3D Green Shell Kick the shell as many times as you can! Drop the boss for 20 points! Rally Belt
Fire Flower A big flame is worth 3 points! Small flames will net you nothing! Flame Hammer
Bye-Bye Cannon Jump on monsters to increase your score with each bounce! 1->2->3! Strike Gloves
Dropchopper Grab timers to increase the time. Then drop on monsters' heads! Action Boots
Bomb Derby Smack the bombs into the monsters! Watch for different kinds of bombs. Bare Boots DX
Slingsniper Shoot monsters with the B Button! Try to hit multiple monsters at once. EXP Bro Gloves DX
Star Rocket Tilt the Star Rocket to collect stars, but avoid damage balloons! Perfect Bro Gloves