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Dream Team enemy
Location(s) Dozing Sands
Level 11
HP 74
Power 60
Defense 77
Speed 23
Weakness Fire
Experience 32 (38)
Coins 16 (100%)
Item drop Super Candy (10%)
Bare Boots (4%)
No Hitter 12
World Real

Caccacs are cactus enemies that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Caccacs are not found in the field, and are only found in battle if Mario and Luigi enter a battle with either a Flounderflage or Sandoon on the field. In battle, Caccacs do not attack unless attacked, vengefully attacking the same number of times they were hit once their turn comes (up to nine if they were attacked at all). If they are hit more than nine times without retaliation, they will appear dazed, and then fall back asleep, with no consequence to Mario and Luigi.

Caccacs can attack by spawning and chucking cactus parts at Mario and Luigi. If the Caccac spawns the part in its right hand, it's aiming for Mario. If in the left, it's aiming for Luigi. If it throws the part in an arc quickly, the targeted bro must jump to avoid it. If it throws it straight through the air after a brief pause, jumping will instead result in the targeted bro getting hit. To tell which cactus parts must be jumped over, the player needs to look above the enemy's head for four orange lines that will show up if the part is being directly thrown at Mario or Luigi. If they don't appear, then the player must not jump. Additionally, the last part will always miss if the player remains idle, dealing 17 damage to the Caccac itself in normal mode, and 23 damage in Hard Mode.

A Caccac may also attack by charging into Mario or Luigi in a similar fashion to Choombas from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Upon a successful charge, the Caccac will keep running past the bro, go off-screen and will continue charging when they reappear on the other side of the screen in line with the Bro. it plans to attack next. Mario and Luigi must hammer the incoming Caccac before it hits them each time in order to avoid taking damage. Upon getting counter-attacked, the Caccac may change its target.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サボッテル
Pun on「サボテン」(saboten, cactus) and possibly「サボってる」(sabotteru), the informal form of「サボる」(saboru, to be truant)
French (NOE) Cactudor From "cactus" and "dormir" (sleep)
German Kaktolos Pun on "kaktus" (cactus) and "koloss" (colossus)
Italian Cactusio From "cactus" with name ending "-io"
Portuguese Catocato Repetition of "cato" (cactus)
Russian Кактусила
From "кактус" (kaktus, cactus) and "cила" (sila, strength)
Spanish (NOA) Nopalto From "nopal" (a common name in Mexican Spanish for Opuntia cacti) and possibly the diminutive suffix "-ito"
Spanish (NOE) Cactoncio From "cactus"