Pi'illodactyl R

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Dream Team enemy
Pi'illodactyl R
Pi'illodactyl R from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Location(s) Somnom Woods
Level 31
HP 476
Power 352
Defense 320
Speed 86
Weakness Slingsniper
Experience 600 (720)
Coins 450 (100%)
Item drop Max Candy (20%)
POW Gloves DX (5%)
No Hitter 48
World Real

The Pi'illodactyl R is a large Pterosaur that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. The Pi'illodactyl R is a stronger version of the Pi'illodactyl, which has increased stats and slightly improved attacks. They do not appear on the field, as they are a background enemy which must be brought into battle with a Taunt Ball in the instances they randomly appear during battles in Somnom Woods. Only one Pi'illodactyl R can be fought per battle. In battle, the Pi'illodactyl R attacks differently depending on whether it is in the background or foreground. If in the background, it will fire blasts of fire at Mario and Luigi. The targeted Bro. is easily identified, as the flame clearly flies in line with its target. These flames must be jumped over.

If brought into the foreground with a Taunt Ball, the Pi'illodactyl R will crash into the ground where the enemies Mario and Luigi were fighting earlier once were, knocking them out of the battle. In the foreground, it may shoot flames, much like it does from the background from a closer distance; like before, they must be jumped over. After the bros dodge the flames, they then must repeatedly jump over the hot spots left on the ground to avoid taking damage. The Pi'illodactyl R may also flap its wings rapidly, causing Mario and Luigi to be blown backwards into a skid, with boulders rolling in line with them as they are blown back. These boulders must be hammered and sent flying back into the Pi'illodactyl R before they knock Mario and Luigi back further. This attack will end after several waves of boulders.

At 476 HP, Pi'illodactyl R has the highest HP of any regular enemy, surpassing all bosses up to Dreamy Wakeport except Torkscrew and Big Massif.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マクラノドンR
Makuranodon Āru
Pi'illodactyl R
French (NOA) Koussinausaure R Pi'illodactyl R.
French (NOE) Koussinodon R Pi'illodactyl R
German Kissonodon R Pi'illodactyl R
Italian Cuscinodattilo R Pi'illodactyl R
Portuguese (NOE) Travesseiráctilo R Pi'illodactyl R
Russian Грезозавр*
Spanish (NOA) Modorráctilo R Pi'illodactyl R
Spanish (NOE) Almohadorón R Pi'illodactyl R