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Species Seadring
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Seadric is a blue and yellow Seadring in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team who lives in Dreamy Driftwood Shore. When the Bros. first encounter him, his mouth can be found coming out of the sand. Mario and Luigi then pull him out, and he suggests the use of Dream Eggs to expand the world and hide Princess Peach and tells them that the eggs are found along with his siblings in various other Dreampoints. He then calls his siblings to let them know that Mario and Luigi are coming, and then disappears.

When Mario gives him a Dream Egg, he puts it in his mouth and asks Mario to Jump on him, causing him to expand the dream world. He then places coins and other items in the new area. He is surprised when Mario tells him that enemies are in the area, and says that something must have lured them in. He disappears after the third Dream Egg is given to him.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOE) Hipnocarlos From the Seadrings' Spanish name Hipnocampo and the name Carlos (similar to Charles)
French (NOA) Hypnoratio From Hypnose (hypnosis) and the name Horatio.
French (NOE) Hypnolite From Hypnocampe (Seadring) and the name Hippolyte, but written with an "i"
Russian Плывун
From Плавать (to swim)