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Krubbish from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Sprite from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)

A Krubbish is an enemy found in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Krubbishes are found only in Bedsmith's dream world of Dreamy Wakeport and resemble a pink trash can. Krubbishes often appear alongside Cocoknights R. Their name is a pun on "rubbish."

In battle, a Krubbish may release a cloud of dust shaped like a fist, which may shrink Mario. The direction the Krubbish is facing when it releases the dust indicates which direction the dust comes from. To avoid its attack, Mario must first move away from the dust cloud and then jump over it as it approaches him.

While fighting alongside at least four Cocoknights R, a Krubbish will inhale a group of them, and then spit them out at Mario one by one. Mario must hammer the Cocoknights R that were spat out, ones that are spat out normally will fall right over Mario, and Cocoknights R that were spinning as they were spat out will fall in front of him and bounce towards him.

Their appearance as a pink trash can with yellow eyes makes them look somewhat similar to Junker.

Krubbishes also explode upon defeat, instantly defeating inhaled Cocoknights R.


Mario & Luigi: Dream Team[edit]

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team enemy
Krubbish from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. HP 83 Role Common Level 25 Location(s) Dreamy Wakeport
Power 180 Position Normal No Hitter 43
Defense 152 World Dream Weakness None Item drop Refreshing Herb (10%)
Rookie Gloves (5%)
Speed 58 Experience 160 (192) Coins 45 (100%)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダスッター
Corruption of "duster"

French (NOA) Orduros
From ordure ("garbage")
French (NOE) Bennure
Clipping of benne à ordure ("dumpster")
German Möllschlock
Possibly from a masculine form of the words müll ("trash") and schluck ("swallow")
Italian Bidonton
From bidone della spazzatura ("garbage can")
Portuguese Papalixo
Rubbish eater
Russian Мусорожор
Garbage eater

Spanish Basurrero
From basura ("garbage") and guerrero ("warrior")


  • Doing the No Hitter challenge associated with Krubbish requires avoiding all attacks from the accompanying Cocoknights R, despite these attacks not involving the Krubbish and being possible in the absence of Krubbish.