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Dream Team Enemy
Location(s) Dreamy Dozing Sands
Level 11
HP 42
Power 64
Defense 70
Speed 42
Weakness None
Experience 10 (12)
Coins 14 (100%)
Item Drop Supersyrup Jar (5%)
Thick Gloves (3%)
No Hitter 14
World Dream

Lob-ombs are yellow cube-shaped robots that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They have green eyes and wheels for feet. Uncommonly for Dream World enemies, they do not appear on the field, forcing Mario and Dreamy Luigi to enter a battle with a Skipdrill or Dreamy Sandoon in order for them to fight one. The name Lob-omb is a play on "lob" which means to throw, and "Bob-omb."

In battle, a Lob-omb may attack by moving in front of Mario a fair distance away, and lobbing a bomb at him. Mario must face the bomb and hammer it away in order to avoid taking damage; if the bomb is knocked forward, it will usually explode near some enemies, damaging them in the process. If the Lob-omb jumps before it lobs, the bomb will end up behind Mario. If the Lob-omb lobs the bomb with its right arm, the bomb will end up by Mario's right, in the foreground. If the Lob-omb lobs the bomb with its left arm, the bomb will end up by Mario's left, in the background. If the Lob-omb lobs the bomb with both arms, the bomb will end up in front of Mario.

A Lob-omb may also take out three bombs, with the real bomb having an explosion mark on it; the Lob-omb will turn them all around in an attempt to prevent the player from knowing which one is real. The Lob-omb will juggle them either clockwise or counter-clockwise before throwing them one after the other at Mario; the real bomb straight towards Mario, who must hammer it back at the Lob-omb and avoid taking damage. The Lob-omb's bombs can easily make Mario dizzy.

If a Lob-omb is defeated, it starts to spark. Afterward, at the end of the turn, it explodes, damaging any nearby enemies at a blast radius of in normal mode, 44 damage to other Lob-ombs, around 21 to 53 damage to any nearby Dreamy Sandoons, and around 20 to 46 damage to any nearby Skipdrills.

A stronger version of Lob-ombs called Lob-ombs R appear later on in the game.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボムポイ
Bomu is "bomb," poi is an onomatopoeia for tossing; also a play on Bomuhei
Spanish (NOA) Rob-omba Rob-omb
Spanish (NOE) Robo-bomb From robot and Bob-omb
French (NOE) Rob-omb From robot and Bob-omb
German Wurf-omb Throw-omb
Italian Bombot From bomba (bomb) and robot
Portuguese Rob-bomba From robô (robot) and Bob-bomba (Bob-omb)
Russian Робомбист
From Робот (robot) and Бомбист (Bomber)